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Top 5 Blog Posts Of The Week 2/10/12

February 10, 2012

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through February? 2012 seems to be going fast, and so far this year we’ve seen some really good content come out of the 150+ virtualization blogs. This week is no exception, really great content this week. I’ve compiled what I think are the top 5 blog posts of the week. If I’ve missed any, or you think the list should have been different, please leave a comment and let me know. The truth is, there is so much great content out there that it’s hard to select only a top 5. Without further ado, here are this weeks top 5 blog posts…

Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week
These posts are from the week ending 02/10/2012
Kendrick ColemanMy Small VMware Certification Rant
Today I went and took my VCP5 certification exam and passed. Thanks to all my fellow twitterati for the resounding congratulations. While VCP5 is still a great certification to have and I’m happy that I passed, I honestly didn’t want to take the test. Here’s why…

Tomi HakalaParavirtual adapters with VMware Workstation
Did you know that you can use paravirtual VMXNET3 and PVSCSI adapters with VMs running on VMware Workstation? Paravirtual adapters will improve networking and disk IO performance by using valuable CPU cycles more efficiently. Paravirtual adapters are not available through VMware Workstation GUI but you can enable them by tweaking Virtual Machine’s VMX configuration file with…

Chris WahlTips For Getting Started With PowerCLI
A number of folks I speak with are aware of PowerCLI (and subsequently, PowerShell) and that it has some sort of magic mojo to do whatever the imagination can come up with. Which is true (mostly). The fine folks at VMware and the rockstars of scripting (mentioned later in this post) have pretty much taken PowerCLI to the point where the next version will become sentient and…

Frank DennemanStorage DRS I/O Load Balancing and Array-Based Auto-Tiering
In its basic form Storage DRS can be used together with any array, however there are a few combinations of Storage array features and Storage DRS features that don’t mix easily. One of the most sought after question is can Storage DRS work with Array based Auto-tiering? And the answer is yes, yes you can use initial placement and out of space avoidance features that Storage…

William LamAutomating vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Configurations
I recently had a need to deploy half a dozen or so vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) in my home lab and even though it is one of the easiest appliances to setup, going through the web management interface can still be time consuming. I was looking to see if there was a way to automate some of the configurations and while digging in…

Bonus Post
Brooke CrothersHow the two flavors of Windows 8 will be different
One thing was made crystal clear today by Microsoft. Windows 8 on ARM will not be the same experience as Windows 8 on Intel-AMD. Windows 8 ARM devices will run on processors from Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and Nvidia–marking the first time that a mainstream Windows operating system will run on processors from ARM chip suppliers in addition to those of Intel-AMD…

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