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EMC World Discount Code

April 1, 2014

EMC WorldIt’s been a while since I’ve been able to post on vDestination.  For my return, I thought it would be good to giveaway a few EMC World discount codes to the community.  As a member of EMC Elect, I was given three $150 discount codes to EMC World.  In order to win one of the three codes, you need to have already registered or are very close to registering for EMC World.  Second, comment on this post on why you should receive a discount code.  I will select three winners based upon the replies.

Please be aware that you cannot apply this discount code on top of another discount.  If you have already registered for EMC World and received the early-bird discount, using the EMC World discount code that I am giving away will remove the early bird discount along with any gift you received as part of registering early.  Therefore I would not recommend using this discount code if you are already registered and received a discount greater than $150 or a gift.

The contest ends April 3rd.  The discount code expires on April 7th so you’ll only have four short days to complete the registration using the discount code.  Thanks for reading and make sure to leave a comment in order to be registered to win.

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