Congratulations Nick Fritsch, you are the lucky winner of my Kaviza VDI solution contest! I selected the top 5 entries, and submitted them to Krisha Subramanian and she thought your entry was the best. Congrats! Just as a recap, here are the top 5 entries and the winning entry in bold:

Luigi Danakos
1st I’d like to thank you and Kaviza for throwing such an awesome contest!
The feature I like is-Secure remote access.
How I would use this-
I partake in the vCommunity Trust and could see setting up a secure desktop for participants to access that would have predefined material already loaded onto it. This would help the selected users to do two things.
1. Get more familiar with the use of virtualization technologies
2. Allow for the vCommunity Trust to provide for the best possible learning experience for the participants.

Thank you,
Luigi aka NerdBlurt
Paul Johnson
I would like to put this in some of my managed services clients that cannot afford a full solution, but could afford this. With local storage, linked clones saving me space, and desktops assigned by user would be a great addition.


pjcace on twitter
Chris Dearden
I would use Kaviza to provide a series of windows desktops to the array of non standard devices in the house , including Atom based Netbooks / Android Tablets and just about anything else I can fit a Citrix client onto ! It’ll mean my daughter can happily bash away without breaking anything permanently. @chrisdearden
Ken McFerron
I think the best feature is how easy it seems to implement. This product looks like a good addition to our existing Xen farm. If I win the contest I will be able to use this product in conjunction with XenServer to improve my skills and hopefully show my employer the benefit.
Nick Fritsch
Of the many great features of Kaviza VDI-in-a-box, my favorite has to be the ability to replace a user’s desktop in a matter of seconds as opposed to troubleshooting a problem for hours on end only to give the user a new image anyways. What’s the point of troubleshooting a problem if you can give the user a copy of their image before the problem occurred. Along with that, patching and updating the desktop becomes much simpler. Again, instead of being scared that a Windows update may break an application, we can patch the desktop and if an application stops working, again, we simply rollback to a properly functioning image. This will make my job along with others in the IT department much easier from a troubleshooting perspective. Also, we will no longer need multiple workstations sitting in our office so that we can test different configurations and application upgrades. We can simply setup multiple virtual desktops and switch back and forth as needed. No more KVM’s, no more
hubs underneath our desks. Kaviza allows us to be more productive by focusing our time and energy our solutions as opposed to repair.


Congrats again Nick, well done on the entry, they loved it. They will need to get a little bit more info about you and want to include you in their press release about winning this contest. I’ll send you an email shortly with more instructions. Thanks to all for entering the contest, they were all great posts, but only one could win. Thanks to Kaviza and Krishna Subramanian for taking the time to judge these entries and pick a winner.


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