vcp6bookVMware Press has recently published a new book titled, the VCP6-NV Official Cert Guide.  This book is the definitive guide to studying for and passing the VCP6-NV exam (exam #2V0-641).  Of course the guide is focused on VMware’s NSX, their network virtualization platform.  If you don’t know what NSX is or if you think it’s an Acura sports car, you should watch this video now.  If you already know about NSX, have had some hands on experience, or simply want to learn more about it… this book is a great read.  The first time I read it, I read it straight through like a novel, start to finish.  I generally take this approach when studying for a certification exam.  The next time through, I read it, took notes and made flashcards… and I can tell you without a doubt it helped me to pass the VCP6-NSX exam with flying colors.

This cert guide is written by Elver Sena Sosa Sosa who has been in the IT industry since the late 1990s.  He has accumulated a laundry list of certifications to include CCIE Routing & Switching (7321), VCDX-NV (#154), CCSI and VCI.  He also runs a great IT blog, check it out here.  Elver seamlessly blends his technical knowledge with his work experience into this book which makes a book on super technical subject an absolute page turner.

What is Covered?

With any good book review, you want to know what is covered before you fork over your money for another book.  I can tell you that this book is essential for the budding virtualization guru, or even the curious/casual techie.

Chapter 1:  Introduction to VMware NSX

This chapter is all about getting to know VMware NSX.  The chapter starts off with some humor as it reads, “A network engineer, application developer and a vSphere Administrator walk into a bar with a Network Security Engineer as the bartender…”  You can see where that joke is going to go!  Chapter one is a well written introduction to VMware’s latest game changing software defined networking solution.  It will walk you through some of the common networking challenges that exist today such as, physical networking challenges, Ethernet challenges, VLANs, and security challenges.  It then transitions to how NSX solves many of those challenges by automating the datacenter, providing self-service enterprise IT, and multitenant clouds.  This chapter also covers a brief overview of VXLANs and the required components to installing and configuring NSX.

Chapter 2:  Network and VMware vSphere Requirements for NSX

Chapter 2 goes much further in-depth on the requirements for building out your NSX deployment.  Obviously you need to have a vSphere environment in order to deploy NSX, but there are other requirements as well.  In this Chapter there are very good design diagrams that explain the differences between a physical network topology and a software defined networking topology in the datacenter.

Other Chapters

Some of the other notable chapters that you’ll find in this book are, Chapter 5:  NSX Switches, Chapter 11: Layer 3 Connectivity Between Virtual and Physical Networks, and Chapter 15: Distributed Logical Firewall.  There is so much good information and content between these chapters, they will help you build a solid foundational knowledge of NSX while also preparing you for the exam.  Each chapter starts with a “Do I know this already” set of questions to gauge your current knowledge and concludes with a section titled “Exam preparation tasks” which helps you to know which exam blueprint topics will be tested on.

Should I Buy It?

If you are studying to pass the VCP6-NV exam (#2V0-641), then absolutely, buy it today and read it cover to cover.  If you are new to virtualization technology or an IT beginner, this book isn’t for you, start off slow and find a book that covers vSphere essentials first, then work your way up.  A beginner will get lost in this book, as it assumes you have a basic understanding of networking and virtualization technologies and then ramps up technically very quick.    Overall, it’s a well written book, kudos to Elver and VMware Press for putting out quality material.


Give it Away Now!

I have a copy of the book that I would like to give away to one of my readers.  If you would like a copy of this book for free, leave a comment by answering the following NSX trivia question:  Who created NSX and what was it originally named?  If you can answer that question (or Google it… I know some of you will), leave your correct response and your twitter handle (if you have one) and I will randomly pick a winner and announce them on Wednesday September 28th.  Contest is open to any reader in or outside of the US.  Good luck!

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    1. Congrats Sean! You were randomly picked from the comments that were left. Please use the contact me form to send me an email with your mailing address and I will drop that book in the mail. Thanks for reading!


  1. It was created by Nicira Networks but was called Network Virtualization Protocol (NVP)

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