ariwatchI’ve recently been through a ton of AirWatch training and I’m now supporting one of our federal clients with their large AirWatch implementation.  It’s been a fire hose of information lately but I’m finding that it’s finally starting to settle in as I’m experiencing lots of hands on work that I can relate back to my training.  I love gaining all of this knowledge but it means nothing unless I can apply it and share it with others in a constructive manner, so this is my attempt.  I’m going to layout a series of posts each day next week that will give you at least a baseline understanding of AirWatch, how it works, how to install it and some of the optional/complimentary tools you can use to manage and monitor your deployment.  This post should serve as an outline to what I’ll be covering and an opportunity for you the reader to select a post you would like to see on AirWatch as well.


What to Expect

Here is a layout of what to expect from this series of posts on AirWatch.  These posts are not all-inclusive, I’ll be posting a lot more about AirWatch throughout the remainder of the year and as critical updates get released.  I’m leaving the very last post blank, I want you – the reader, to select a post on something you would like to know about AirWatch that I haven’t covered or to do in-depth on something that I have already covered.  This software is hot right now, and you will get a great return on investment by spending some time getting to know AirWatch and how it works.


Monday:  Introduction to AirWatch (an overview of the main components)

Tuesday:  AirWatch Installation (how-to video)

Wednesday:  Secure Email Gateway (SEG) & Mobile Access Gateway (MAG):  Do I need these?

Thursday:  On Premise vs. AirWatch-as-a-Service: What’s right for me?

Friday:  AirWatch Administration: Get to know the AW Console

Saturday:  AirWatch Training & Certification

Sunday:  AirWatch Connect:  Be there or be square!

Bonus Post:  Chosen by the readers!  What do you want to know?


Get your thinking cap on

Thinking capThis is going to be one solid week of learning and I think you will come away with a better understanding of AirWatch, how it works, how to install it and basic AirWatch administration.  You’re going to need to put on your thinking cap and buckle down to really gain the most out of “vDestination’s AirWatch Week”.  My door is open, please follow my blog, contact me on Twitter and let me know what you want to read about AirWatch and I’ll do my best to provide it.  I think this will be a successful week for the readers and a rewarding one for my blog, my aim is to share as much of my experience and knowledge as I can.  If you don’t want to read about AirWatch, or you only came to my blog for VMware related info, then sit tight, look through some of my older posts and after this week I’ll be back on other topics.  I’m excited about AirWatch, the possibilities and the integration with other VMware products that is sure to come.

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