VMworld 2012 in San Francisco is only 60 days away! I’m fortunate enough to be going again and the excitement is building by the day it seems. Last year I was able to give away a full trip to VMworld 2011 thanks to the generosity of some of my sponsors. I’m doing it again this year, if you can’t get to VMworld 2012 on your own, let me send you… for free! Thanks again to some incredibly generous sponsors, I’m giving away an all expense paid trip to VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, CA from August 26th through the 30th. Below are the details of your trip should you win:
*VMworld 2012 Full Conference Pass
*Air fare to SFO up to $500 USD
*5 nights hotel accommodations (Sun-Thurs)

Drobo contacted me and has donated one of their Drobo B800i iSCSI storage arrays. This is valued at $2,969.99! Wow, thanks Drobo for such a generous donation and sponsorship of my contest. I couldn’t see it being fair that the winner of the full trip also received the Drobo, so I’ve decided that the vExpert panelists that decide the winner will give the second most deserving entry the Drobo B800i. Even if you don’t get to come to VMworld for free, you still might have a shot at the Drobo, which is a sweet prize.

The Sponsors
I’m excited to give this trip to a deserving winner and I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of my sponsors on this trip, thanks a ton. Thanks to Veeam Software for sponsoring the full conference pass. To Train Signal for getting my winner there, by air fare or Train! Thanks also to Symantec for putting my winner up in a hotel in San Francisco for 5 nights and for planning a dinner outing too!

There has been a pretty overwhelming response to this trip contest. Other sponsors have wanted to add something to the trip and that’s fine. If you are a sponsor and want to add a perk also, please contact me and we’ll make it happen. I want the winner to have an incredible trip and and experience they will not soon forget.

How To Enter
This trip contest is based on need and need alone. If you can’t afford to go to VMworld, if your company won’t send you then this is your chance. In order to enter to win you will need to make a comment on this blog post and include the following three points in your comment:
(1)Describe to me and my sponsors why you need to go to VMworld 2012, (2)What you are most looking forward to (it’s okay if it’s Bon Jovi, it may be what I’m most looking forward to!) and (3)How you plan on paying it forward.
This shouldn’t take more than one paragraph really, you won’t have a better chance if you write a novel, keep it short and concise. You will be chosen by a panel of vExperts based on your answers to the questions above.

What Is Required of You
Should you be the lucky winner there will be a few obligations on your part. First off, Symantec is sponsoring your hotel accommodations as well as a dinner on them. At the dinner you and a guest will be taken out to dinner by some of the Symantec executives and there may be a short presentation, but I’ve been promised it will be relaxed and fun. Train Signal will want to do a video interview with you discussing your trip to VMworld that they can post on their blog. I’m trying to get the winner and myself on a Veeam Community podcast with Rick Vanover to discuss your experience at the show. After you return from your trip, you will be required to do a write-up of your trip that will be posted on, be sure to take pictures to share.

Contest Rules
Again, this is based on need, if you can afford to go or your company is able to send you, please don’t enter. You must answer all three questions from above, only one (1) entry per person, the contest is open to anyone regardless of where you live (only $500USD will be available to you should you come from outside the United States). You must leave your full name (first and last) not just twitter handles or nicknames. You must have a valid email address so that we can contact you should you be chosen as the winner. Twitter handles or other social media info is not required but may be added at the end of your entry if you wish. Only enter this contest if you can get away from work and can commit to being there should you win.

The contest is now live and will end on Tuesday July 10th at 5pm EST. No entries will be taken after the contest closes on the 10th. After deliberation by the panel of vExpert judges, a winner will be chosen and then announced on Monday July 16th. Enter now!

Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

108 thoughts on “Go to VMworld 2012 for FREE!

  1. My name is Matt Lorimer, I work for Utah State University in Logan, UT. I would love to go to vmworld this year. I have been told that work will not be able to send me. I want to go to vmworld to learn. There are sessions, vendors and many peers to network with and learn from. If selected, I plan on taking the information I gain and using it to help build a shared private cloud infrastructure for public higher education institutions in Utah. We have been discussing for ~1.5 years what it would take to get a private shared cloud infrastructure, but it hasn’t taken off yet. I would seek out sessions, vendors and peers to help me gain the knowledge necessary to get this project underway.

  2. I work for an NGO in Ireland who would never send me to this event. We have a non existent IT budget. We use vSphere 5 and Veeam Standard and learnt it from the Trainsignal vids! Thanks David Davis 🙂
    Hands on labs and networking would be my main interest by far, but with VMworld sessions being posted online after the event i could return with greater knowledge and excellent material for myself and my less fortunate colleagues.
    A friend of mine works for HP and they are sending him to VMworld Barcelona, i would love to upstage him with a visit to San Fransisco!

  3. My name is Arjen Sterenborg and I am from The Netherlands. I work for KPN Consulting and they won’t be able to send me to VMworld this year. I submitted a business case for Barcelona but it’s just not in the cards this year.

    (1) I want to go to VMworld because it is THE place to get up to speed on all the new things that is VMware. It is also a place where I get to meet up with my twitter friends, and swap experiences and knowledge and just plain great stories.
    (2) For me it would definatly be visiting the US for the first time. I have always wanted to go there and this would be a great opportunity to do so. As a bonus i get to attend the biggest VMware event of the year. So I am totally read to go!
    (3) I have a couple of colleagues (at the same customer) that are also getting into VMware. I would make sure I pass on my acquired knowledge to them directly, and my other KPN colleagues through blogs, twitter updates etc.

  4. I work for a nonprofit hospital in New London, CT as the virtual desktop administrator and a trip to VMworld would be huge for me and my organization. As a non-profit hospital we are constantly trying to do more with less, which in my case means having to manage our fledgling 500 desktop VDI environment with little to no access to formal training or detailed information. We are currently working on upgrading out View 4.5 environment to 5.1 using EMC SAN and Cisco UCS for hosts and my co-workers and I are working hard to keep up. A trip to VMworld would be a great way to have one stop access to all of the vendors and partners with the knowledge to answer all of our questions and the breakout sessions and lectures would provide valuable insight to the latest technologies to assist us with our projects.

  5. I think the need to go to this event is to get knowledge directly from the best players in virtualization enviroment with the great opotunity to talk with the peole has the knowledge and the future visión for the virtual solution based in Vmware.
    With the knowledge and contacts we can get in this event we can give better support to our clients and open new collaboration relationships with others Partners and Sponsors.

  6. I currently work as a temp for the University of Northern Iowa. I have never been able to attend a technical conference while working for any of my employers. I’m currently applying for a new position where VMware will be heavily used.
    I look forward to talking to the different vendors that sell products that integrate with vmware and help make the vmware admin’s life easier… or at least more manageable.
    I’d like to be able to come to the interview table with more knowledge on vmware than I previously had and hopefully become a more desirable candidate.

  7. Dear Sir/madam:

    My name is David Espejo and i work for a small ISP here in Colombia, South America. My company wont send me to VMworld due to budget issues. I need to go because some of the sessions regarding metro storage clusters and DR for the vCloud are subjects for which is hard to find complete documentation and I have always wanted to go to the VMworld for the live sessions and the further access to the material. We are currently deploying a hybrid vCloud (among the first deployments in my country) and it has been hard to find training here, so Trainsignal has been one of our sources for that training.

    Because i am the VMware specialist at our company, i will be paying it forward with most precise and robust implementaion of DR, HA and vCD instances and a higher level of training to our sales force and the operations team.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  8. 1) I recently completed my masters degree where the focus of my research for my master’s paper was cloud computing in higher education. I am very interested learning how cloud technologies can help higher education IT departments spend more time focusing on IT priorities not supporting infrastructure, provide more services to users while containing cost, and provide anywhere, anytime access.

    As a recent graduate student, I have no travel budget and my current employer’s professional development budget is very limited as well. In addition to working as a Instructional Designer, I also work as a consultant with schools and non-profit organizations to help them implement cloud solutions that best fit their needs.

    2) I am most looking forward to the ability to network with other IT professionals and learn more hands-on skills that will further enable me to help my clients find the solution that will best fit their needs.

    3) If given this amazing opportunity I would pay it forward by sharing the knowledge and insight I learned at VMWorld 2012 with other schools and non-profit organizations as I work with them to help implement cloud solutions.

  9. I am a system administrator at the University of Northern Iowa. I’m involved in a number of projects including acting as co-admin for our vSphere infrastructure and would benefit greatly from networking with other professionals at VMWorld, investigating new technologies for use at our university as well as getting hands on experience in the lab environment. VMWare has already allowed us to provide a higher level of service and availability in the face of shrinking IT budgets and staffing. We rely on quality student help to manage our infrastructure and take great pride in allowing them to enter the workforce after graduation with real world experience in enterprise systems like vSphere. Having an opportunity to attend this type of professional development event would help me continue those efforts for the benefit of our university as well as the students we help prepare for lifelong careers in IT.

  10. My name is Dave Zylyk and I work for BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) in Canada. I am a 2012 vExpert, VMUG Leader for two regions, VMUG Chapter Development Committee member and I also volunteer countless hours towards additional events in the VMUG community and also organize charity events for my own community. Other time consists of being involved with VMware beta teams and evangelising VMare and VMUG. My current employer is not able to send me this year due to budget constraints… VMWorld is the only event that I can attend in the year as an ‘attendee’ and not an ‘organizer of an event’ to keep up on technologies, trends, networking and training. I also would like to volunteer a few days at the VMUG booth… which they are in need of volunteers. I would look forward to all of what VMWorld 2012 has to offer… I plan on paying it forward by continuing to do what I do for VMware and VMUG and transferring knowledge to my colleagues that cannot attend. I would also like to be able to take part in customer success stories with VMware on the current projects at hand with vCops and vCloud Director implementations. Thanks for considering this entry.

  11. I am Anton van Rrensburg, working for Gen-i in New Zealand. I am a Senior Virtualisation Engineer. My main goal at VMWorld will be to attend sessions that involves new DataCentre technologies and strategies. I also want to meet as many vExperts as possible so I can ask a silly question here and there. And then, come back to New Zealand and bring that wealth of knowledge over here to our Customer Base. All Major Vendors will be visited and I always get the most out of each symposium.

  12. I’m lucky that my company will pay for me – I just wanted to say that this is a great initiative and opportunity for those who are not so fortunate. Respect and keep it up!

  13. Hi my name is Michael Wilmsen and I’m a self employed trainer/consultant in the Netherlands. VMware is my main business for the last 5 years. Last year I went to Copenhagen but this year with VMworld in Barcelona I’m celebrating my 5 years of marriage with my lovely wife. She she made clear to me that she will appreciate it, that I’m home at that moment:)
    Sadly VMworld San Francisco is to expensive for me. But I would love to go!

    I’m a VCP4/5, VCAP4-DCA , VCP4-DCD and vExpert 2011/2012. The main reason I want to go to VMworld is to gain extended knowledge about VMware products who I can use in my daily work. To meet other inspiring people with who I can set up contacts.
    I submitted a session for this year, but sadly my session with Eric Sloof wasn’t selected.

    I developed a own VMware administration course who I give to sysadmins in the Netherlands. With the knowledge I’ll gain, I can give this on the my students. So many people in the Netherlands will benefit form the knowledge I will gain in San Francisco.
    Please look at for some examples of what I’m be doing lately.

    And lost but not least, great that you provide people like me the opportunity to go to a event like VMworld. Maybe I’m not the lucky one, but I’m sure you’re going to make someone very happy!

  14. My Name is Firoze Bhorat and I am from South Africa. I work at a soft dev company with alot of investment in Vmware products for QA and dev. Being from SA means that only a few (usually 1 person) can attend Vmworld and I am not nor have i attended the conference ever.

    With our current projects focusing on the latest Vmware products and automation ideas, I would love to attend Vmworld. It would be an opportunity to tap into the minds of the best experts, hardware vendors and like minded individuals.

    I plan on paying it forward by presenting sessions on all the stuff learnt at our recently established VMUG south Africa so that others that love Vmware but cannot make the trip can also benefit.

    I hope you consider my entry worthy of prize.

  15. My name is Simon Davies and I was awarded the 2012 vExpert award this year for my blog and contributions to the website. My company are just starting a project to implement vSphere 5 and vCloud Director but won’t send me to VMworld or provide training (my teams entire annual training budget (8 team members) is £5000 so a VMworld ticket is no where near being in sight).

    I want to go to VMworld for the hands on labs and also to have the chance to meet and mingle with like minded people, it would also be great to meet more vExperts (the #LonVMUG has a large proportion of vExperts already).

    I would pay it forward by continuing with my blogs and posts to as well as helping out my colleagues when and where needed.

  16. Mourad here from London UK, Working for a the GOV and we are squeezed like Lemons, Not even personal funds to allocate even to the Barcelona but San Fran will be a dream.
    I have been working with VMware since 2009 and found this Magic in all angles…. an yeah Bon Jovi will be one more reason.
    a Pay back!! I’m a Blogger and would write few lines about this contest and also my experience out there and also looking forward to meet few people that I’m currently following on twitter who helped me getting to this world. Rock On now and send that thing down here

  17. My name is Ionut Nica, I work and live In Bucharest, Capital of Romania. I’ve been working as a systems admin for the past 5 years. Of the past 5, 4 of them have involved working with VMware technology. The last 2 years, especially have been a great opportunity for me to grow my knowledge and extend the limits of my skillset as I was coordinating the second and biggest VCE vBlock (2x vBlock1’s) deployment in Romania, and at that time, Eastern Europe(2011). This project required a tremendous amount of research on what the optimum design choices would be. I have spent hundreds of hours researching this, and I can honestly say that 70% of everything I know about Vmware infrastructure design I learned from public sessions from VMworld 2010 and VMworld 2011. Also the people who presented at VMWorld tend to trickle down some of that information in their blogs, twitter,etc. VMworld is the catalyst for great minds, great professionals to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom.
    This is why I want to go to VMworld to be able to grow my skills, to learn directly from the people and companies I admire and respect as professionals.
    What I’m looking forward to mostly are the sessions regarding Performance tuning, Security, Hardening of vSphere and Design sessions of Scott Lowe.
    The way to pay if forward would be enabling me to make future infrastructure projects a success story, and I assume this will be also shared by Vmware and other vendors involved in the projects.

    1. Congrats Ionut, you are the 2nd place winner. I’ll need to get a valid email address from you. I just tried to email you and it bounced. Please reply with your email address soon so I can ship out your Drobo.

      1. Hi, sorry for not replying faster, didn’t see this, and no notification. In any case please use starfaller [at] gmail [dot] com for details.

      2. Hi,

        not sure my first comment made it through.
        A valid email is starfaller [at] gmail [dot] com.
        Sorry for not replying, been either on holiday or medical leave, hope i’m not too late.

        Thanks a lot for the support

  18. Working in a K-12 public education market and seeing the falling budgets and cuts to our organization it was no surprise to me that I wouldn’t be covered to go to VMworld this year. The worst of it is I had actually won a full conference pass, so it’s just travel that is the issue, and the fact that I am registered eats away at me 🙂

    Honestly, I want to go to VMworld because it excites me 🙂 There is so much information there to bring back to my org to help to do more with less, my blog and the community. What I most look forward to is meeting face to face with all of the fellow vExperts (first timer for me) and great people that I have met and interact with on a daily basis on Twitter. It’s more than just contacts, it’s friendships that are made at VMworld and that is irreplaceable.

    And to pay it forward I will continue to do what I have been doing, what my passion has been, and that’s blogging about and sharing anything and everything I possibly can to help others get through issues and problems that they are facing. The VMware community is truly a great community that I am proud to be a part of. As per the benefits to my org, the knowledge and experience that I bring back helps me to shape the services we provide, which directly affects the education of the 16000 students I support, and to see them engaged with their learning is the greatest take-away ever.

  19. Paul Wood here ( I have never been to a VMworld event and at present it’s not something I can get the company to pay for. I my self cannot afford to pay for it due to historical issues with money… I would love the chance to experience the event and chatting to people and just meeting everyone. I think it’s a great concept and one that I would love to experience. It’s also my first year of being a vExpert and I think meeting more would be great and the knowledge I gain from the event and people I can feed back to my company.

  20. My name is Luis Vazquez, Work as a technology consultant struggling to get our managed services, cloud services and professional services offer off the ground once for good. We contracted datacenter space, purchased servers and established partnerships with all the sponsors (thank you very much) including VMWare, Veeam, Symantec and Drobo. We don’t have the budget to afford this trip to VMWorld as our expenditure in infrastructure prevented us for doing so. We have some incoming projects that we are working with some prospects including banks and datacenters in South and Central America in which we are planning to project, sell, integrate with existing systems and install products from the sponsors here listed. Even though we implemented an inhouse lab it would be beneficial for us to attend the event as we can get a better insight on the integration of all these products, talk to our peers and get a better overview of what we can do with the technology and where is it heading. We are certainly sure we will pay this forward reselling the sponsors products. I love technology been working with computers and systems since 1980 when I was 10 yrs old and I’m captivated with disrupting and innovative companies like the sponsors here mentioned.

    At the same time after reading the other replies I can’t stop thinking there may be more qualified contestants for this opportunity so it’s ok, my congrats to whoever is chosen.

    Thank you to the sponsors and to you for the opportunity.

  21. My name is Brian Marsh and I work for Unity Health Systems in Rochester, NY. I was brought on to “fix” the VMware infrastructure – get everything upgraded to 5.0 that would support it, reevaulate the storage needs, etc. I attended VMworld 2011 when I was previously employeed at a different company. I’m most looking forward to the hands-on labs and continuing to discover how we can leverage VMware in healthcare. I plan on paying-it-forward by participating with the Rochester VMUG, and by sharing my experiences, notes, and collected material with my collegues and friends in the industry.

  22. Two words: vCloud and EUC. Virtualization isn’t enough anymore. The infrastructure has to be smarter, do more, for different types of end users and it all had to be done yesterday. How do I architect a vCloud that serves our independent software vendors and our development staff? How do I do that along side our existing virtual server environment and then how do I integrate our expanding VMware View deployment? Not only do I design the environment but I’m also building it.

    The SAN and network aren’t getting any bigger or faster. We’re not adding more people and training options are slim. I need to use every trick in the vSphere book to get these things to work in concert as efficiently as possible. The only way to do that is learn from the best. The best are at VMworld.

    I’m mostly looking forward to the hands on labs, panel sessions and technical deep dives. The combination of which should provide a clearer understanding of how to architect and then deploy an environment to best deliver what my boss promised to others.

    My contribution would be to take what I’ve learned, apply it and regularly blog/tweet/and speak about it. I participate in the vBrownBags when I’m available, go to the local VMUG meetings and I stay engaged professionally around my area. If invited to speak, I would have a hard time saying no after this. 🙂

    I work for a small, non-profit healthcare organization and although I often travel to the local VMUG there is no budget for VMworld.

  23. To be honest I am already attending VMworld 2012 this year and I am more interested in winning the Drobo so I can use it for a home lab. I am a VMware geek that works in Higher Ed, so having the cash to get a home lab going has been a little challenging. I aspire to getting my VCDX and am currently studying for the VCAP-DCD. I know that for the VCAP-DCA having a home lab that I can trash is going to be neccessary, just been having a problem getting the funds together to make it happen. Please help me to move forward with this. Help me feed my inner geek!

  24. Hi. My name is Nelson from Sydney Australia. I’m actually from Botswana by origin – so there you go, maybe I should blame it on Thomas Friedman’s books ;)) Kidding…

    I have always had vmware workstation since version 5 if I remember well. Being a networking-centric guy by work, I just never got the change to ‘play’ with other software at VCP level unfortunately. I have been following the virtualisation trend all along mostly through Cisco’s Nexus Architecture. I somehow converted mentally while studying for Cisco’s DCNID exam – when I leant that:
    1. There is a lot of VMWare joint architecture involved
    2. The nexus switches run on or benefit from GNU Linux (I am somehow an opensource undeclared evangelist..!)
    3. In fact many vendor companies are actually working with Cisco to campaign for visualization.

    My contract just finished and I thought maybe I should use this break to dive deep into VMWare and this is how I got here…Searching the web on how to get a cheap and quality blue-print level home lab to prepare for VCP 5.

    Your blog ( actually introduced me to a lot of people – David Davis, Duncan Epping et al…The links and docos should indeed feed me just enough to use the ‘v’ prefix officially 😉

    Who knows I may be lucky…!

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  25. My name is Shawn Logan, I work for k-12 education in Alberta Canada. With budgets being cut constantly we can only afford to do a conference every 2 or 3 years (And it looks like I am not on the list for the next 2 years), with our PD budget being so tight I can not afford the classroom training. I need to go to this conference in order to help bring services to the students, as the world of technology and delivery changes. I find the education, and networking opportunities of attending a conference of this caliber to be invaluable. I look forward most to the people I meet and network with, as having real world contacts and friends can benefit everyone in IT. I as well look forward to the hands on labs as there is such an amazing group of people to learn from in the labs. In order to pay it forward, I will share my knowledge with other k to 12 schools, in helping them move forward with Virtualization projects,as well I will find a non profit group that needs IT services and offer them my time, and services. On a side note, Bon Jovi is my wife’s FAVORITE band of all times and I like to keep her happy. We all know that a happy wife makes for a good life. I thank you for taking the time to consider my entry.

  26. 1) I would like to go to VMWorld because I see the value in consolidating many of our servers for hardware / power savings, and simplified maintenance, but my company doesn’t have the budget to send me for dedicated training, and I can’t afford to go there on my own budget for self-education. I’m not quite knowledgeable enough on the topic of virtualization to be able to justify to decision makers all of the benefits and the practical reasons to switch over from individual servers. I’ve experimented with VMWare Workstation and Player, as well as set up a small (free) VMWare Server, but nothing serious. Overall, I need the time to to focus on learning apart from the other distractions of the average workday.

    2) I’m most looking forward to all of the breakout sessions and the breadth of knowledge and information available that I can take back to the office and hopefully implement changes that can be beneficial now and into the future. I love learning and would appreciate the opportunity to become more educated in this area.

    3) I would pay it forward by sharing all of the information that I have gained with others, as well as promoting the benefits of the technology to others. I would also recommend your blog as a very valuable resource in learning about the topic.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. Based in Melbourne, Australia I am about as far away geographically from SF as a sysadmin can get. I attend the Aussie vForum every year. However, it’s not enough. I need to attend the real thing, where it all starts, learn and hear about the latest offerings and updates on day one.
    I would still need to pay for the remainder of my airfares if I was lucky enough to win this opportunity. But, in my opinion, this would be money well spent. There is no substitute for the learning and networking opportunity that this event represents.

    I’m looking forward to the scale of VMworld. I have never attended a conference on such a grand scale, in either size or duration. I’m also excited to hear about any new products VMware may have up their sleeve – I always enjoy those announcements. I’m usually reading about them online, so to experience them in person during their debut to the public would be an honour indeed!

    Upon return to Australia, I will blog, I will brag, I will share the knowledge and experience I have gained with my colleagues and my local VMUG! They will be sick of hearing me talk about it.

  28. I need to attend VMworld so I can reenact the movie National Lampoons Vacation – I promise to do my utmost keep my exploits to a similar level as Chevy Chase does in Wally World… maybe not. But I do feel a visit would benefit me greatly. Looking soon to establish a company specializing in Vmware consoldiation projects, I’d love to be able to say I had attended the latest Vmworld exhibition event. I feel I’d be able to learn a lot and carry this knowledge and insight to project delivery for clients in Scotland and UK-wide

  29. My name is Leandro Ariel Leonhardt and I think would be the perfect candidate to win this or contests because I want to devote 100% of my time working in vmware virtual infrastructure. Attend an event of this nature would fulfill a dream, the event accomplished in me grow professionally and interact with important people in the industry.

  30. My name is Francisco Gonçalves, I live and work as an architect and IT consultant in open-source solutions in Portugal, Lisbon.
    I have been involved in virtualization projects since 2000 and since then I began to realize that VMware and virtualization technologies, would change the computer industry forever. Implemented an infrastructure in a bank with full virtualization (consolidating hundreds of Intel servers) with VMware in 2002, and this was a tremendous success. Since then I have been involved in several virtualizadion and cloud projects and always watching virtualization technologies and how with these boosted direct services and cloud storage, and especially simplified the complexity in the data center. I never had the opportunity to be present at VMworld, which I consider one of the most interesting events in the area of ​​information systems and where innovation is always present at its highest level. Being at VMworld is a tremendous new opportunity and means also share experiences with professionals from other countries and take other points of view on technology and its future. Also i am an entusiast and evangelist on virtualization and cloud-computing technologies, writing several articles in blogs and presentations posted on the web.

    Francisco Gonçalves
    francis.goncalves @

  31. 1) Four years ago, I changed the first VMware Server into my company to the first ESXi free (4.0). With that experience, the company has 9 ESXi Free with around 20 VM servers running up, and a “little” two ESXi/vCenter with around 25 VM.
    Right now, the company will go to a “full x86 virtualization”. With this in mind, we will have 60, or more, VM servers over a HA Cluster.
    Because I’m VCP5, today we have a Veeam test environment, but we need solve a mix physical and virtual backup. Obviously, Symantec is other player.

    (2) I hope take the last “state of art” around virtualization. Yet it’s not finished the server virtualization, and we started to think on VDI. Too much “noise” around cloud technologies and we need our view point to navigate on this new sea.

    (3) Easy: go to virtualization. The company needs a new way to handle the IT infrastructure, a new way to take control over our assets. Virtualization and Cloud is the trip to a new age.

  32. Hi, My name is Robert Bergsma. I am VCP4 and learning for VCP5.
    Done an upgrade allready by a costumer to ESXi5 for 75 VM’s

    I would love to go to VM world because i hear only great stories about it and wants to go sometime to upgrade my knowledge. Meat other vPeople and grow in the network of VMware.

    I have never been to U.S. but its one day before my wedding so it would be a great gift.

  33. My name is Ben Liebowitz and I am a VMware Engineer for Pharmanet-I3 in Basking Ridge, NJ. Although I have been using VMware’s products for almost 10 years now, I have never been to VMworld. The companies that I have worked for in that time have not had the budget to send me. Because of that, I’m limited to reading blogs and speaking to friends to learn about new products and technologies for my VMware Environment. While this has worked for me, it leaves me a bit behind the curve and not 100% knowledgable on all of the options. I’ve heard a lot about the demos, breakout sessions and labs available at VMworld and I think being able to experience them first hand would really help me improve my environment at work and my knowledge for future projects. I will take the knowledge and information I learn at VMworld and pass it on to my team of 6 coworkers as well as my colleagues & friends in the field.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. My name is Manuel Romero, I am VCP5 and I’ve been working as a systems vmware for the last 2 years in Cesa Honduras. Regards

  34. Hola, Mi nombre es Henry Anchante soy de Peru, me gustaria asistir al VMWorld 2012, por que considero es el evento mas importante del mundo de la virtualizacion, donde se expondra temas relacion a las ultimas tecnologias que nos ofrece Vmware, ademas de trabajar con vmware considero que es una herramienta muy potente y pienso que de asistir al evento abriria mas aun mis conocimientos en temas de virtualizacion.


  35. Hi my name is Matt White and I’m a systems engineer currently working with the state government.

    I need to go to vmware so I can continue to champion great solutions like vmware, symantec and veeam. Getting CTO and CIO’s of the state agencies to buy into these solutions is usually all about educating them on features and ROI. There’s no better place to discover products than at vmworld (without all the marketing speak).

    And I’m looking forward to the labs and vendor booths. Thats where you can really talk with vendors and other end-users about how they are leveraging virtualization.

    And theres nothing better than coming back from a great conference and blogging and sharing the knowledge with coworkers. And co-workers love to dig through the flyers and lab notes….

  36. Dear Sponsors,

    First thanks all of you for this opportunity.

    My name is Basheer Ahmed working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I love to go to VMWORLD 2012 as this will be my first opportunity to see the VMWORLD event. My company wont sponsor this trip and it will be an very expensive trip for me.

    I am looking forward to network with many of my vmware community and this is an opportunity to get to know many of virtualization companies, their people and products. This will be an event to learn and gain knowledge on many virtualization topics.

    I will be planning on paying $100 per month.

    Thanks vDestination and all the sponsors for this wonderful opportunity.

    1. Hi Sponsors,

      My name Phu, come from Vietnam. Most recently my position as a Partner (VMware) has given more than three years’ Consulting and Licensing experience. I have 07 year’s experience on managerial level and over 12 years of experience working in IT and IS field. So, I’ve already got VCP5 (#121913), VCP5-DT, VSP5 (#10985308), VTSP5 and vDesign Workshop (for VCAP-DVD 5.0 exam). And reason I want to join VMworld 2012 to get more knowledge, experience, labs…for my work.

      My goals is to build on these achievements and move up the Solution Architect or Technical Expert, providing better service to partners and clients.



  37. Hello, I am Abdullah Abdullah from Lebanon, Beirut and here goes =)…

    (1)Describe to me and my sponsors why you need to go to VMworld 2012?

    Frankly being within a collective of great minds that are solely focused on virtualization and all its aspects is a need by itself. I speak as a virtualization enthusiast (and strongly biased to VMware) going to such an event would broaden up my connections to the vast community of technical people and equally important it will broaden my reach and grasp to 3rd party companies whom are dedicated to implement their products based on what VMware has to give.

    (2)What you are most looking forward to (it’s okay if it’s Bon Jovi, it may be what I’m most looking forward to!)?

    Absolutely everything, this is a new experience and I have not attended such a vast gathering at all and sadly such events are not budgeted for the department (although I tried to convince them its prolonged training ;-)). I am excited to live all the aspects of VMworld from the moment I drop sight on San Francisco till the moment I will be departing from it.

    (3)How you plan on paying it forward?

    I’ve been in the business for more than 8 years (professionally that is) now and as knowledge is limitless I believe that enthusiasts about new technologies and how to mold them will be a relentless, limitless and non-stop-fun journey of a life time for them. Any day that passes off without learning something new is a day lost so I think that all in all before VMworld the contribution is great but after it for sure it will be extraordinary.

  38. Why? Because I really want to. Have seen what a great event this is in 2006 and 2011, and would really like to get the opportunity to compare these with the 2012 edition.
    And off course, their need to be as much representatives of the #Dutch_vMaffia as possible at VMworld 2012. 🙂

  39. Hi Gabe,

    I’m Dave Young and I have just joined HP as a permanent employee in Erskine Scotland. I have been involved in virtualisation since back when VMware charged for GSX 🙂 I passed my VCP3 exam and I am both VCP4 & VCP5 certified. I have been lucky enough to work on large scale deployments of both VMware and Hyper-V (tho please don’t penalise me for swearing 😉 ) and am engrossed in all things Virtual. I have setup a HA-DRS cluster in the house and spend far too much of my time playing around with custom configurations, troubleshooting outcomes not to mention playing with new toys like VCOPS and vCloud Director.
    When I finally do attend VMware world (it’s high up on the bucket list) simply being involved in as many labs as is humanly possible to attend, joining the discussions to learn on real world aspects from other experts and seeing what some of the VMware partners have planned in the future would be a sensational experience and one which gets the inner geek in me extremely excited.
    As I find 90% of my information from the internet on blogs like yours I would look to upload my entire experience online, giving detailed daily updates on my encounters and what knowledge I was able to take from the sessions and labs…so hopefully others who weren’t so fortunate could still benefit from me being the lucky one 😀
    Have to say it’s a tremendous competition; serious kudos goes to both you and your sponsors for making it happen!


  40. Hello vDestination et al.
    My name is Bob Dudgeon and I work for a
    large French engineering company as an
    Architect in IT. Boy.. Need.. Here goes..
    Our company is outsourcing IT to a company
    notorious for layoffs and they wont put an
    employment guarantee in writing. So, NO travel budget.
    NO training budget. Make do with what you have.
    I have 2 kids going off to college this year and
    another one next year. Wow, that wasn’t as therapeutic
    as I thought it would be.
    It is definitely a challenge keeping up with new
    technology and VMWorld would be a great place to
    see and touch that technology. It would be a great
    place to get ideas on how to finesse my way through a VDI
    implementation. As my colleagues are in the same predicament,
    I will gladly and graciously share my experiences with them.

  41. My name is Jeremy Atkin. I work for EDUPRIZE Charter School in Arizona. We have two campuses and lots of challenges. One of the biggest challenges I face as Operations Manager / IT Administrator is juggling my time between IT maintenance and upgrades, as well as facilities. WIth all the plates I spin (and I do drop a few sometimes) it is hard for me to find time for training with the wonderful tools that I have in my IT arsenal. We currently have many VMWare based servers and I am diving into becoming familiar with VDI and VApps. I have heard so many amazing things about VMWorld and would love the opportunity to experience the magic. I unfortunately don’t get to get away often (especially for training) and I would absorb every minute at VMWorld! Please consider me for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Many thanks, Jeremy

  42. Dear Sponsors,

    my name is Valerio Ariano and i work in Italy as a consultant for an IT company. Since years i’m studying and practicing on VMware and Veeam products to get certifications and hands-on and i keep myself up to date on a daily base with every relevant news in the virtualization markets following most of the vExpert and well-known bloggers on the net. I’ll not be able to be sponsored by my company due to budget limits and i understand this is one chance in a million to attend the VMworld so i’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂
    I’m looking forward to learn a lot at the event, to “touch” the Cloud in every aspects and to read the road signs before the path to the future is paved.
    Indeed i’ll share this VMworld experience with my co-workers as well as with any other willing to learn. This experience will also improve my working position which in turn will strengthen my capacity to push this cloudy stuff n my country.


  43. Debo asistir al evento porque a nivel mundial las empresas y/o Cias. se deben adaptar al nuevo esquema de soluciones brindado por la infraestructura de virtualización (VMWARE) para poder crecer y competir en las diferentes economías mundiales.

    1. Mi nombre es Norberto Antonio Gil, trabajo para la Cía. Enlace Operativo – Comuredes S.A – Colombia en el área de TI. Debo asistir al evento porque a nivel mundial las empresas y/o Cias. se deben adaptar al nuevo esquema de soluciones brindado por la infraestructura de virtualización (VMWARE) a través de The Cloud para poder crecer y competir en las diferentes economías mundiales.


  44. Hi, my name is Juergen Klaasen and i am from Munich/Germany. I work for a leading digital marketing company as the Director IS.

    1) I would like to go to VMworld cause it THE event to learn about the newest stuff and i could also share my experience, my knowledge and i would like to make new contacts too.

    2) Most looking forward is to be in Frisco again. No, i really like this type of events.

    3) To pay it forward, i share my knowledge and i want to write a book about virtual lab environments.

  45. My name is Chris Rivera. I just want free stuff 🙂 hotel and admission to VMworld sounds awesome, I havent been since 2010.. The Drobo sounds just as good..
    so do me a favor and hook me up !! Thanks.

  46. I work for a Health Authority , and we do not have the budget to send our Infrastructure support personnel to VMworld.
    I have not been to VMworld before, and this would be a great opportunity and maybe my only change to get there. I most look forward to the excitement and buzz around the entire event. As with VMware courses that I have taken in the past, I would enthusiastically share and develop any knowledge with my colleagues at work and in the industry in general. The funnest part of learning something cool is showing it off!


  47. I need to go to VMworld 2012 to help my career and my company move forward.
    Looking forward to sessions and Bon Jovi.
    I plan on passing my knowledge on to junior admins and helping the VMware community do their best.

  48. Dear All,
    first of all, let me thank You for this opportunity with this contest to give such a chance to Go to VMworld 2012 for FREE!

    1) I’m a senior IT manager working for a small IT company providing government financial services and I have recently moved the old infrastructure to VMware environment, consolidating all the previous servers into VMs (as many of You in the last years I suppose)
    2) Now I’m looking forward to introduce Virtualization at the Desktop level too, so I would like to investigate deeper VMware VDI solutions that are based on the same building blocks
    3) I’d like to bring back to the business my knowledge, experience and feelings in order to involve collegues and try to skill them, bringing value add to the business itself.

    Thank You so much again for this unique opportunity.

  49. I’m alexandru covaliov, I work for Dr Tax Software Inc. company. this is second place where I’m working with VMware products. I would like to visit VMworld 2012. It’s a great event, and it will help me a lot to get a lot of contacts there. The company where I’m working right now can’t aford that trip as it’s too expensive for them. As am learning by hard for VCP5 Exam, even English isn’t my native language, I think is important for me to be involved in everything related to VMware and Virtualization. I know that everybody here hope to get that oportunity to visit that event and as my wife is pregnant, and we are waiting for baby on august or september I’m not sure I have any chanse to win here. Anyway… even I have small chanse to visit VMworld 2012 and maybe I will get more chanse in 2013 year, I hope to win the smallest prise: Drobo… =) . why i’m looking to Drobo? I’m building my personal lab at home and my wife accepted that. I will be very happy to get that device for my lab as I know I will never afford to buy one like that. If I don’t have chanse for VMWorld 2012, I hope to have more on Drobo 🙂
    I’m fan of IT as I’m very good Systems Administrator. I worked by hard on all companies, and helped them a lot to build a decent IT infrastructure. I’m happy what I did and I would like to have a powerfull lab at home to be more helpfull, even for other It guys. I like troubleshooting a lot and my knowledges and skils were userfull for other IT guys.
    I hope for one day, when I will be and expert in IT and my name will be in top of the list as I have a lot of energy. =)
    It’s hard to explain everything in one post. I can come with a lot of ideas, good ideas, not something written on the sky.

  50. Hello my name is Julio Ramírez (Product Manager Virtualizacion), I am working in a partner of VMware COSAPI DATA in Perú, and I think that is a amazing experience going go to VMworld, bacause you can see the new tecnhologies and tendencies that I can apply to my country to improve the production of the companies. Also We can talk about the problematic and solutions that we can resolve in Latin America Aplying the virtualization tendencies, since the consolidation and high Availability, Business Continuity until Selfservice in the private, hybrid and public cloud.

    All my regard for you, and I hope seing very soon.

    Julio Ramírez

    Product Manager Of Virtualization

  51. Hello,
    My name is Wilfredo Sanchez, I’m from Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, but BIG on innovation and opportunities.
    I would like to attend this event because it must be fantastic, I guess so.
    Very few in the world have the opportunity to attend and I wanted to do it.
    I have worked in IT for 10 years, and I experience with VMware has been gratifying …
    I installed the ESXi version 3.5 and after all this time I can really recommend the tool.
    I used Drobo Elite with ESXi version 4.1 and everything was perfect …
    Well, hopefully give me the opportunity of my lifetime to attending this great event.

    Greetings from Costa Rica.
    Vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!!!

  52. I have install vM trial and love to still know more about the application from the professionals my future and plan lies in more IT, I like to help poor genius by showing them way through which they can explore their world and be known. Training IT pathners.

  53. My name is Stacy Carter and I work as a Systems Engineer on an IT infrastructure team and one of my primary responsibilities is to help manage and maintain an enterprise VMware environment. I am a VCP 4/5, and my next long term goal would be to work toward a VCAP-DCA or VCAP-DCD. I really enjoy following all of the VMware expert/user blogs and twitter feeds to stay current with the technology and I plan on attending my first VMUG this September. Built my first vSphere 5 virtual home lab a few months ago.
    I have never been to VMWorld, since my company will not send me and I cannot afford to go on my own. Honestly, I’m not a big Bon Jovi fan, but I would be interested in attending as many VMware sessions as possible to improve my knowledge of certain products/solutions (automation, DR, stretched clusters, security, etc) and networking with other VMware users in the community. I would share what I gain from this experience with my talented colleagues, tweet about it, and I am sure it would be helpful to us as we look to upgrade our environment in the near future and make improvements.

    So pick me – and support this hard working woman in the industry!

    Twitter – @VirtualStace

    1. Congratulations Stacy! You’re going to VMworld, thanks for entering my contest and looking forward to catching up at the show.

  54. (1)Describe to me and my sponsors why you need to go to VMworld 2012,
    I’m a QA engineer for a medium sized (approx 500 employees) data protection company. My company does not see a need to send engineers to this conference (they are sending sales), but having an opportunity to understand the latest in vitualization technology can only help me in creating a top-notch solution for business continuity and disaster recovery.
    (2)What you are most looking forward to (it’s okay if it’s Bon Jovi, it may be what I’m most looking forward to!)
    Learning about what the future of virtualization holds, and how my company’s products can leverage/integrate with new technology.
    (3)How you plan on paying it forward.
    By working with my company to create the best data protection solution that we can, I’ll be helping numerous companies protect their data and recover from potentially disastrous events.

  55. (1)Describe to me and my sponsors why you need to go to VMworld 2012
    My name is Alex Belousov and I’m from Toronto (Canada).
    I work for Bank Of Montreal (BMO) as Senior Directory Planner. My company does not decided yet about virtualization direction and vendor.

    (2)What you are most looking forward to (it’s okay if it’s Bon Jovi, it may be what I’m most looking forward to!)
    Bon Jovi is great, but I looking for Hands on labs, networking with biggest virtualization experts and informations that can help to tip the scales toward VMWAre

    (3)How you plan on paying it forward.
    I would like to share my knowledge and new arguments with my collegs, and I hope that it will help to take right direction.

  56. 1) I would love to go to learn the new stuff and share my experience on virtualizing SAP landscape on a small business in Honduras.
    2) Must looking forward to meet the vmware gurus and to know from the first hand all the new stuff.
    3) I guess I should go for a personal loan.

  57. Hello

    1) I’m from Mexico City I actually work at a Virtualization consultory (we are just 2 consultants )I have never been to a massive event like this one, i have been working with VMware products since 2010, Im the youngest consultant actually (24 years old) , I have deployed and designed datacenters with SRM and VMware View thanks to the info that vExperts like Andre, Doug, Malanco, Laverick, Jose Maria, etc. share with the community, I would really like to be on an event like this and have the oportunity to hear the words and tips of the most capable virtualization TI Engineers, and why not maybe find a new job outside my country?

    2) Definitely making the labs and hear the experts tips.

    3)Taking all the experience and wisdom I acquired at the event and share it with the community and helping my company to grow faster, cause of the size we really dont have enough budget to afford to assist to events like this one.

    Thanks for reading it.

  58. Hi there. First of all thanks to vmware and symantec, veeam, drobo and train signal sponsors to offer this great opportunity. I am a systems administrator (linux focused but with knowledges about vmware virtualization technologies) working for Telefonica company wich is partner with vmware and offer virtualization solutions for clients production environment bringing them versatility and flexibility in differents ways to deploy their infrastructures through private and independent clouds, shared infraestructure services and services as infraestructure.
    The main reasons I consider I should to go, first it would be that I love United States and I have never visited (I am not pretty sure to get green card on time) and really I would love to do it and would be done one of my biggest dreams; in second place but not less important is to share conferences and knowkedges with all my colleagues, improving vmware platforms with new upgrades and changes. My company is not able to send me because of economical crisis that forces environment companies to be more efficient and competitive wich force it to save costs and because of my auto-formative spirit so I take advantage of all conferences and enjoying symantec meetings with the goal to share great security challenges nowadays.
    Thanks in any case to offer all of us this exceptional event!!!
    Good luck to every body 😉

  59. First of all I want to say “Wow!” to this fantastic opportunity. And what a wonderful journey it has been for me. Last year, February 2011 was my first serious introduction to vSphere. Since then I’ve been able to obtain VCP4 and VCP5 certification status, which was a real task and hoot! I really thought I was going to VMworld 2011 to the point of having a schedule picked out, by getting a free pass, yet I wasn’t able to go as that never materialized (I did win a partial pass though and gave it away to a colleague). My Manager said I could go this year, but instead sent me to CiscoLive 2012, which was fantastic, but still not VMworld.

    My career requires me to help others resolve vSphere issues, so learning as much as I can is important in my being successful and I can’t think of a better place to learn. So with the knowledge I will acquire at VMworld 2012, I will use it to help vSphere administrators worldwide as I am committed to their success.

    I’m really looking forward to the training and learning. I love to learn and after having attended Cisco Live 2012, I realize how important it is that I be at VMworld 2012 too. I would swim a mile to get the chance to go (and I haven’t done that since I was a kid). By the way, I still have some old vinyl of Bon Jovi too. Get me to VMworld 2012 and I’ll be “Shot through the heart” with JOY!

    From Sunny Roseville, CA


  60. Hi,

         The technology is growing faster, but not so much in my country. I think it would be fantastic to win this contest and to listen, comment and interact with the best exponents of VMworld2012, learn from them and teach and contribute with new ideas in virtualization environments here in my country.

    I hope to make many contacts, show them what we are doing with virtualization here in Ecuador and how this has helped the community (directly and indirectly).

    While I do not have enough money to pay for this event, my plan will find the problem and find the solution with environments virtualization, post them to the world so they can see how you resolve and thus contribute to global knowledge with this I think we all win.


    Datacenter Assistant

  61. My name is Jim Stierle, I am in the middle of a career transition. My current employer is not likely to foot the bill for this learning expierence.The last five years have been spent as an IT Project Manager and trying get back to more hands on IT. I want to go to VM World to explore learning opportunities and get some more exposure to the underlying technologies to running a virtualized environment. Whether selected or not, I plan to take the knowledge I have gleaned and use to help others learn and develop skill sets utilizing virtual platforms.

  62. (1)Describe to me and my sponsors why you need to go to VMworld 2012
    First of all I was there last year and it was the first action I had in 2 years. Being mostly a writer and blogger for webOS I am interested in technology and I really enjoy working with and interacting with people. I have never been to California
    (2)What you are most looking forward to? (it’s okay if it’s Bon Jovi, it may be what I’m most looking forward to!) I look forward meeting my friends I met last year during the blogging competition and interacting with the vendors. Seeing the west coast and culture would be awesome
    (3)How you plan on paying it forward. I would pay it forward by blogging and tweeting about how important the cloud systems are a part of our mobile, social and app cultures. I want to see the oceans and relax; plus its really hot over here.

  63. I live locally, so you wouldn’t have to worry about covering the expense for a plane ride!
    I blog, am a photographer, and was a film student, aside from my many talents. I love to meet people and interview them their purpose and how effective their prodcut and services are to people. I have associates all over the world and they know that I’m VERY resourceful for EVERYTHING. I’m highly attentive to technology and the needs that come along with it. I keep updated and do my research on a daily basis.
    I would like to add that I’m also a HUGE Bon Jovi fan! I’m from the same area where the band originated on the eastcoast. It would be an honor for me to see them here and possibly meet them.

  64. Hello, I’m Kunal D Mehta – a recent Computer Science graduate from India.

    I’ve been following Train Signal since my first year in college and was a winner of the Train Signal 7th year anniversary giveaway ( with which I bought a MCITP: EA course. I am now MCTS x 3 and I completely owe my career to Train Signal which helped me fetch my current job ( at Technofocus Solutions ( which mainly focuses on Microsoft Server technologies, Networking, Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure (public/private/hybrid).

    [1] We mainly work on Microsoft virtualization technologies because of the lack of VMware expertise at the company. A trip to the VMworld 2012 could change this by helping me get a deeper insight of VMware’s plethora of products, its use, deployment and configuration.

    [2] Apart from the VMworld event itself, I am also eager to meet the Train Signal team! I’d love to see the video instructors I’ve been learning from all this time (Mr. Ed, Mr. Scott, and Ms. Kasia for the giveaway) and interact with them in person.

    [3] We have a huge project coming up in our company – creating a multitenant cloud infrastructure that plans to offer customers a custom SaaS solution in a 500 server’s capacity datacenter in Gurgaon, India. All the new stuff that I’d learn at the VMworld could be a game changer by playing a key role in influencing the virtualization architecture we adopt here and in the future upcoming projects.

    We’re a medium sized company started only about a couple of years ago. And I’ve just started working so I absolutely have no saving whatsoever. In fact, I’m now paying back the education loan I took to go to college. So there’s absolutely no other way I could afford this. Thank you for this opportunity though! 🙂

  65. My Name is Ram and I work as a Windows and VMWare administrator for a US based investment / custodian bank in Bangalore.

    I would like to attend VMworld 2012 event, since I am more interested to learn, implement, design, automate and troubleshoot new virtualisation concepts.

    what you’re looking forward ?

    It would be a great opportunity for everyone, to meet all the industry veterans at one place, sharing their real experiences .

    How you will pay forward?

    I will pay forward by automating the manual tasks, help solve the VM issues posted in the community & help the fellow VM community gain the maximum, as the current industry Vexperts / VM gurus does.

    In addition, I hope, it will also help me help me convince my employer to retain the VMware infrastructure, since my employer is evaluating Hyper-v due to the licensing cost of ESXi 5.0.

    1. My name is Antonio, i work in a spanish company, and i think that I should receive this award because the company I work I never would pay it.

      This event would be very important for my career

  66. My name is Mario Mack, working for a software company in Germany as an Infrastructure Engineer focused on VMware.

    [1] I would love to go to VMworld since I heard of it the first time some years back. Unfortunately by a company policy I am not allowed to go on such an expensive trip. I still haven’t given up and ask every year again, but also 2012 there´s no way my company will send me to VMworld 🙁

    [2] The face of my boss, if I tell him that I´m going to VMworld (especially the one in San Francisco) 🙂 ! Ok honestly….there are sooo many great sessions scheduled, which I would love to attend and absolutely helpful for my VCAP preparation. Also I would really looking forward to meet some of the great people, I just know from their blogs & twitter posts. Finally that would be my first trip to the USA, which I have absolutely on my list of things I definitely want to do in life 🙂

    [3] I would paying forward it by share my experience to everyone on my blog ( and via Twitter. Also I would make sure to share my new gained knowledge to my colleagues in my team. Last but not least I would really looking forward to the “required” parts like the TrainSignal video interview etc. and do my best to share the experience of this awesome trip (which I am sure it will be!)

  67. Hello My name is JuanJose Vidanez, I’m from Spain but I’m working for a gaming company Newcote Service Ltd, established in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a tiny country in the south of Spain close to Africa. My company in in the middle of the way to a complete virtualized company, but still I have a few concern and tackling persons around here. I’m preconditioning to use vblock infrastructure, and everything in virtual. I’m using software from all the partner in this contest. We have obviusly vmware, veeam and symantec software around and I want to show to everyone that we are in the right direction to keep the company in a competitive position. And btw I promise “Jamon de Jabugo” ( a lovely spanish deliciuos food) and some classes of flamenco if I’m the lucky one.

    🙂 Best regards

    1. Firstly, I would like to thank and it’s Sponsors for the Opportunity of Applying for a FREE trip to VMware World 2012 or a Drobo B800i iSCSI storage arrays!

      My name is Andrew Hancock, VMware vExpert, Blogger, Experts Exchange Expert of the Year 2011, Overall Leader at Experts Exchange so far in 2012, Leader in VMware and Virtualisation Zones at Experts Exchange. I’ve been using VMware techbology since 1998, AND NEVER been to VMworld! Simply, I just cannot afford to go to VMware World 2012. The costs are prohibitive.

      1. I need to go to VMware 2012, to engage with ALL the Sponsors and their competitors, meet and greet the VMware Folk and it’s about time I engaged with my fellow vExpert Peers and network, and take a more proactive stance, at promoting VMware Desktop and Datacentre Products in this challenging times with Microsoft Hyper-V at our heels. I believe I’m in an Excellent position, as Experts Exchange Expert of the Year 2011 to PREACH the VMware Message, and it’s Partners and Sponsors.

      2. Sorry, I’m not a fan of Bon Jovi, if I wanted to see Bon Jovi, I would visit them at Knebworth, United Kingdom, for me the VMworld Event, is about talking VMware, with Sponsors, Competitors Sponsors, VMware Employees, Engineers, Hands On Labs, Helping vExpert stands, and “KNOWLEDEGE-ING-UP” on the VMware products and technology, to make me a better Experts Exchange Expert and VMware vExpert, and can use ALL this knowledge in Answers and Artciles on Experts Exchange and my Personal Blog. I want to engage with the sponsors, vendors and provide better Advice to End Users.

      3. I do this for the VMware and Virtualisation Community, and I will do my up most best through the media, social network channels, twitter, and Experts Exchange to feedback, what I have learnt. My Answers will be better, VMware users will have better knowledge and understanding.

      thank you for the opportunity. I undertake this burden for the community and not myself.

    2. Firstly, I would like to thank and it’s Sponsors for the Opportunity of Applying for a FREE trip to VMware World 2012 or a Drobo B800i iSCSI storage arrays!

      My name is Andrew Hancock, VMware vExpert, Blogger, Experts Exchange Expert of the Year 2011, Overall Leader at Experts Exchange so far in 2012, Leader in VMware and Virtualisation Zones at Experts Exchange. I’ve been using VMware techbology since 1998, AND NEVER been to VMworld! Simply, I just cannot afford to go to VMware World 2012. The costs are prohibitive.

      1. I need to go to VMware 2012, to engage with ALL the Sponsors and their competitors, meet and greet the VMware Folk and it’s about time I engaged with my fellow vExpert Peers and network, and take a more proactive stance, at promoting VMware Desktop and Datacentre Products in this challenging times with Microsoft Hyper-V at our heels. I believe I’m in an Excellent position, as Experts Exchange Expert of the Year 2011 to PREACH the VMware Message, and it’s Partners and Sponsors.

      2. Sorry, I’m not a fan of Bon Jovi, if I wanted to see Bon Jovi, I would visit them at Knebworth, United Kingdom, for me the VMworld Event, is about talking VMware, with Sponsors, Competitors Sponsors, VMware Employees, Engineers, Hands On Labs, Helping vExpert stands, and ”KNOWLEDEGE-ING-UP” on the VMware products and technology, to make me a better Experts Exchange Expert and VMware vExpert, and can use ALL this knowledge in Answers and Artciles on Experts Exchange and my Personal Blog. I want to engage with the sponsors, vendors and provide better Advice to End Users.

      3. I do this for the VMware and Virtualisation Community, and I will do my up most best through the media, social network channels, twitter, and Experts Exchange to feedback, what I have learnt. My Answers will be better, VMware users will have better knowledge and understanding.

      thank you for the opportunity. I undertake this burden for the community and not myself.

  68. Hi! I don’t want to go to the VMware World 2012 but it would be great to visit SF for free and ask Steve Wozniak for a picture holding my old Apple II and a Fusion-IO card. 😀

  69. I would to join vmware for these reasons:
    1- I am network administrator in my job and can’t affordable to join vmware.
    2- I would like to learn as much I can about vmware.
    3- I would like to know about americans life.
    I hope to to join you.

  70. I’m Raed, From Jordan, Middle East:
    ( 1 )Why I NEED to go? Because am really in love with virtualization in all its aspects and the magical stuff its doing. Because I’ve quit my old (regular but fancy) job to start a virtualization career path. Because after 6 months preparing for the VCP5 and after I PASSED the exam, my company wasn’t able to afford the ICM course (would they afford the VMwordl?!) and I still don’t have VCP ID .Because people here don’t invest on VMware personal they only want CCIE’s, and they still think of VMware as the “VMwawre Workstation”. Because when I knock customer doors telling them about VMware and the private cloud, they don’t trust me because I don’t have “proven experience”. Because am here alone struggling to start a career with this technology where no one shares interest with me. Because the nearest activities and courses are held in Dubai -1258 mile away- (Cheap, no?). Because I believe this is the future, and I want it to be “my thing”. Because I feel am missing a lot of what’s going around with VMware since am kind of isolated.
    ( 2 )What I’m looking for? Make connections. Meet the gurus, I imagine myself have 2 min F2F talk with Elias Khnaser,Simon Long,Duncan Epping, Imagine! Want to test things that I wasn’t able to test in my “workstation lab” like advanced Orchestrator, VAAI, FC Zoning. Want to get some architecture ideas. Want the three layer of the cake “vSphere, vFabric,View”. Want to let people here know how cool VMware is and what Geek I’m, so customers start trusting me. Want them to know what the “VCP” can do so they start invest on him. Want ppl here to know that IT != routing & switching and that IT Prof != CCIE, want this trip to make a conversion of my “technical” personality.
    ( 3 )How to pay it forward? I can help expanding VMware and cloud technologies in my area, since it’s not that popular here yet. I really want to BLOG. I will let ppl know that if you have the passion but you lack the local support then VMware will be there for you

    Help my get out of Coconut “” !

  71. My name is Larry Gonzalez, I’m from Costa Rica, I work on Software Development Company that is starting a project to make the products work on the Cloud. But this year budget restrictions will not make it possible to go unless I’m the lucky winner of this contest 🙂
    1) Why I need to go? Very simple, this is the most important event of virtualization, is the central point of contact for vendors and the main point of knowledge for virtualization, I need to start designing a private cloud and for sure all new features on vSphere 5 will help a lot, all the info and contacts will be very helpful.
    2) Looking forward to: get access to the hands on labs and to all the sessions as possible, I will also like to get in touch with vendors that would be able to help on the future projects of cloud computing that my company will have, but also, I will like to expand my knowledge and make new good contacts.
    3) To pay it forward? I’m even trying to get a Costa Rica vMug rolling, I already submitted the application, I will be more than glad to share the knowledge that I will acquire at the VMWorld with other colleagues that are not able to attend.
    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  72. Hi, my name is Carlo Mancini and I am an Italian living in France.
    (1) I need to go because, after becoming a VCP5 two months ago, I want to go further in my knowledge of VMWare products and I reckon that VMWorld 2012 is pretty much THE occasion I am looking for. I wish also I could change the mentality of my company about the importance of virtualization, because we have thousands of servers which could probably be P2Ved and aggregated in vSphere farms.
    (2) Coming from ‘old’ Europe, being able to go to the States and take part in such an important event is my dream as an IT engineer wishing to meet the people/companies/partners that count in the virtualization world.
    (3) I will pay it by publishing as much information as possible on my blog (, which already has a pretty good visibility. I will of course publish a trip report on and on my blog also!
    Thanks for this chance!

  73. 1. I need to go to VMworld to get more exposure to the world of virtualization; to keep up with where the industry is moving. I have been working as a software engineer at Alcatel-Lucent for 17 years in the area of networking. The network needs to adopt to the virtualized world. My company will not pay for any time off nor the conference fee. I see the need for me to know more about VMware so that I can design a better networking product for the data center. I had from my own pocket attended the VMware class and passed the VCP 4 and 5 test. This helped me setup the lab for testing our data center networking product at work. My next goal is to take the VCAP exam. I want to move into the world of server, storage and network virtualization.
    2. I am most looking forward to the hands-on lab where I get to play around with the latest and greatest VMware product to see how things work.
    3. I plan on paying it forward by applying the things that I learn to what I do everyday at work and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired from VMworld with those around me (co-workers, friends in the virtualization business, etc.)

  74. I’ll toss my name in the hat to win the Drobo for my lab. It would mean that I could finally get rid of my old Socket A Athlon XP based whitebox that is my only shared storage target.

  75. Hi. My name is Matt Ellis. I just converted from a contingent employee to badged employee at HP Enterprise Services so there was no money budgeted for a trip to VMworld for me. I have always wanted to attend since I first started using VMware products in 2007, but company budgetary constraints and personal finances have kept me from attending in the past just as they will again this year. I could afford the trip and hotel or I could afford the conference registration fee, but not all combined. I’m looking forward to VMworld so I can see first hand the products that I’ve only been able to read about (due to the afore mentioned budgetary constraints, every company I’ve worked for has only been able to do a VI/vSphere implementation with none of the bells and whistles). I would love to convince my client that they needed to add some of the tools that would make my job easier and bring their insight into the virtual infrastructure into better focus, but I need more than just whatever I can get my hands on to read and limited lab implementations to do it. I want to network with like-minded individuals, sponsors, and exhibitors so I can give an informed presentation to my client to help guide them toward the cloud. The Bon Jovi concert is just a bonus since I am an old head banger from the 80’s! I plan on paying it forward by sharing everything I learn with my colleagues at HP, with my counterparts at my client, and with my local VMUG chapter. Once I have gone, I can help a colleague attend by foregoing my turn at VMworld in the future and perhaps spot a friend a few dollars so they can afford to attend.
    I want to thank Greg and his sponsors for this opportunity and hope to see everyone in San Francisco in August.

  76. My name is David Weinstein-

    1) I have been actively involved with VMware since 2004 supporting, designing and teaching Vmware since then. I have never been to VMworld. It always seemed I had to work a project every year and wwas never free to attend so I think it is about time I go. I am also planning to defend a design for my VCDX but so far no indication from my company if I can attend VMworld, so it would be nice to have something less strenuos to look forward to.

    2)Having met many Vmware professionals over the past 8 years it will be nice to reconnect with those who are attending.

    3) I am very active in the VMware community and if I win or not I will still be active. Having the experience of attending VMworld will only enhance what I have to offer.

  77. Tim Fontillas, have never been to VMworld. Have been working with 3.x – 5.0 in a Services company the last five years. Would like to experience and network with people in the industry and take back knowledge to use in support of existing installation and push our implementation to the fore front of the industry.

  78. Hi there,

    thank you for this great chance to attend this amazing event, which otherwise I could not even have dreamed to attend.
    “Why?” – you might ask. Because I work for a public sector company where money is a bit tight and even the “convince your boss”-letter by VMware does not help me out here.

    But I’m convinced that I really need to go there to just attend all the technologically advanced level presentations, to meet the interessting and enthusiastic vexperts and…last but not least…to try to convince Jon Bon Jovi to perform this year’s VMworld’s slogan “Right here right now” (originating by Fatboy Slim) in _his_ own version 😉

    Paying forward means to me:
    Competition is getting harder these days (even for VMware). Since at our company we use cloud/virtualization technologies of many vendors, I would do my very best to keep or even improve the state of VMware evangelizing it’s products and solutions delivering extensive and profound knowledge of them.


    Last but not least one thing concerning your contest rules: In case I would win the trip, I only could finally confirm beeing able to really go there within one or two days – depending whether it’s possible to find a flight cheap enough. If this is a problem, the please put me only to the drawing of the second prize (drobo). Thanks.


  79. Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the excellent work!

  80. Hey would you mind letting me know which web host you’re utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most.
    Can you recommend a good web hosting provider at a fair price?
    Cheers, I appreciate it!

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