Do you have a good amount of VMware experience? Have you toyed with the new vCloud Director from VMware yet? If you are a fairly experienced VMware user that can build and deploy VMs in complex environments then there is a new product in beta for you to test drive. The new product is offered by StratoGen, and is affectionately called the StratoGen vCloud Director. StratoGen, a managed hosting company and VMware service provider partner, provides enterprise cloud hosting, managed server hosting, co-location and connectivity products, and is based in the UK. Karl Robinson, StratoGen Managing Director, states what StratoGen’s target audience is and why they should host with StratoGen:

StratoGen’s main route to market is via IT consultants and resellers who are consulting on projects such as website development, application development, server consolidation etc. End users vary wildly, from a garden centre, to technical companies, charities and even a utility company, but generally they are introduced to us via a consultancy channel. We also do a lot of hosting with SaaS providers, or ISVs looking to convert their applications from a traditional software model to a SaaS model.

Requirements for beta testers
With the release of StratoGen’s vCloud Director comes the opportunity to beta test the product. StratoGen is actively seeking out VMware professionals with ample experience to really put this product through its paces. Are you interested? They will be providing you with remote access to a nice set up of lab equipment to create and deploy VMs in a complex settting. If you are interested, read the announcement sent to me by StratoGen Product Development Manager William Craig:

StratoGen are seeking experienced VMware users to join the StratoGen vCloud Beta Program which is based on VMware vCloud Director. Beta testing is a crucial element in the cycle of our product releases, and we work closely with the VMware community to ensure our products are the best they can be. vCloud Director is a powerful but complex product and as such we are seeking experienced users to provide informed feedback on our product offering. By participating in the program you will be provided with resources on our enterprise platform enabling you to build, deploy and manage virtual machines, vApps and networks using the StratoGen vCloud Director portal. You will be contacted on a periodic basis for feedback. StratoGen is a leading VMware Service Provider Partner (VSPP) with an extensive cloud hosting platform based in London, UK. If you would like to take part in the program please register here.

There you have it. If you are interested and would like to get your hands on this product prior to its widespread release, now is your chance. Be some of the first to play with and test the StratoGen vCloud Director.


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