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How to Configure iSCSI Port Binding
In order to share stored data using iSCSI port binding, you’ll need to configure multipathing. In this VMware training clip, vExpert Jason Nash will show you two ways to do this. If you don’t want to use multipath configuration, then you’ll need to set up two vSwitches with one VM kernel and one NIC for each, but the iSCSI method is probably easier to manage.

Learn how to optimize and scale vSphere

The rest of the lessons in Jason’s course cover all the material for the VCAP5-DCA exam, so if you have pretty solid vSphere knowledge or your VCP, then you should be ready to learn the more advanced configurations and components for scaling virtual infrastructure. VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale goes into great detail on how to tune your environment for high availability, support DRS clusters and even use some PowerShell for automation.

VMware vSphere 5.1 ESXi Firewall
Check out this video clip where vExpert Jason Nash demonstrates how to manage the ESXi firewall. It seems complicated at first, but it’s fairly simple. You can manage the firewall through the VI client, and with CLI using esxcli network firewall commands.

Options for security levels

Configuration for the security levels only has two settings, really, and when set to Low you’ll need to configure the security level to block what you want specifically. In this video, Jason also explains the pre-configured services in the ESXi firewall, and how to enable/disable them using the VI client and the CLI. Watch the rest of Jason’s vSphere Optimize and Scale (VCAP5-DCA) training, and you’ll learn about other custom ESXi installations.

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