If you’ve had a heartbeat lately, you’ve most likely heard or read about the iPhone 6 rumors, leaks, pictures and tons of hype. We haven’t heard more than a peep from Apple on the iPhone 6, but the rumor mill is out of control. Apparently, as Apple fans, this is the phone we’ve been waiting for, a bigger screen, lighter, thinner, faster and paired with the release of iOS 8! This all sounds great, but this is what Apple fans like myself and millions of others have been waiting for since the release of the 3GS! So I say SO WHAT, to all of these rumors and the fact the Apple is FINALLY releasing an iPhone with a bigger screen, its way past due! It’s heartbreaking for me to write this post because I’m a huge Apple fan, I have a MacBook Pro, I’ve owned 4 different iPods, an iPhone, 2 iPads and I’ve been an iTunes lover since first laid eyes and ears on it. So the question is, why is an Apple fan writing a blog post critical of their flagship product? Let’s break it down.

iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup
I’ve rounded up most of the rumored specs and leaks I could find on the web below, take a second (if you haven’t already) and browse through them, then we’ll talk more about it:

There are 2 possible sizes that we know of, a 5.5 inch and 4.7 inch screen. The screen will feature the retina display and will possibly be made of 100% sapphire glass (Read about Apple’s new Arizona sapphire glass plant).

With Apple already having a 64-bit A7 chip using the 28nm manufacturing process, it’s likely we’ll see the A8 chip released with iPhone 6, most likely it will be built with the 20nm process. Yes it will be faster if there is truth to this rumor. As far as RAM goes, doesn’t look like we’ll see an upgrade here, sticking with the 1GB RAM, same as iPhone 5S.

Form Factor:
Here we may see an edge to edge display with a minimal bezel, which could increase the size of the display without drastically increasing the form factor. Apple has tried to do this in the past with the 5 and 5S, making the phone a little bigger but not so much that it made it difficult to reach buttons with one hand. Will the iPhone 6 be the release that finally ditches the home button, don’t count on it. Apple just invested a ton in the fingerprint sensor technology that was released with iPhone 5S.

Good Leaked Pictures/Videos:

Leaked Screen Cover Images

Mockups and Leaked images

Sounds awesome, so why the critical post?
It does sound awesome, only to Apple iPhone owners, why? Because Android users have been experiencing all of these things for years now. Bigger phones, smaller form factors, large beautiful AMOLED displays, it’s nothing new to Android users. So again I say, SO WHAT! As an Apple user I wanted to seen these things with the release of iPhone 4, then 4S, then 5, then 5S… maybe Apple isn’t coming out with a bigger display this time, and the rumors mill has just taken it out of control. Maybe we are starting to believe the lies that the mockups have told us and that’s what we now expect. Either way, I’m fed up with Apple not giving their consumers what they want, and then somehow fooling us into believing our phones are superior.

In the end, I’m holding out hope for the iPhone 6 (hanging onto my 4S for now), not to be the best phone in the world, but to simply put to rest the screen envy I’m having of my wife’s Motorola Droid Maxx (a beautiful phone in its own right). I love iTunes, love the look and feel of the iPhone and feel like the phone build is far superior to any Android phone, I’m just sick of Apple being so far behind the curve.

Greg W Stuart
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