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I’m back from VMworld 2010 and to say it was awesome would be a huge understatement. Actually to give a synopsis of my whole trip and all the highlights could not possibly fit in just one post, so I’ll break it up into several parts. My most favorite part of VMworld 2010 was absolutely hanging out in the blogger’s lounge and meeting all of the bloggers and tweeps that I’ve come to know online over the past 3 months. Even with 4 days of VMworld I still didn’t get to meet everyone, but met the all of the people I converse with on a regular basis.
The Blogger's Lounge

Blogger's lounge: Patrick Redknap, Roger Lund in the background

My first day of VMworld was so crazy, I walked around for the first 2 hours in an absolute fog! I finally made my way to the bloggers lounge and sat down across from Patrick Redknap, next thing I know Kendrick Coleman plops down in front of me as well. It was cool to finally meet these guys who I’ve only known as avatars for the past 3 months. Roger Lund strolled by and John Troyer was basically camped out in the blogger’s lounge helping to manage the flow of vExperts and VMware executives that dropped by to film at “the cube” for some live streaming online.

After hanging out and FINALLY meeting Jason Boche, the man who I owe my trip to VMworld to, I took off to a session by Eric Siebert and Simon Seagrave about home labs and what is needed when configuring/building a VMware home lab. This was a very informative session, especially the part that went in depth about the hardware compatibility guide (HCG) and making sure that all of the stuff that you are buying for your home lab actually plays nicely with VMware. I grabbed some lunch which was phenomenal, and headed back to the bloggers lounge to meet some more people, including Eric Siebert, Simon Seagrave, Scott Lowe and the Train Signal team, including David Davis.

Matt Elias, Me and David Davis from Train Signal

It seems most of the week I played twitter tag with Mike Laverick until finally on Wednesday I caught up with him in the blogger’s lounge and we spoke for about a half hour, he signed the books he donated to my blog contest (congrats Nick Howell) and then signed a book for me (thanks Mike!!). He’s a really sharp guy and we traded some ideas about blogging, so I’m looking forward to continuing to forge a good relationship with Mike, he’s got a wealth of knowledge. That really was the best thing about VMworld, you meet all of the top industry experts, and they are actually genuine and take time to talk to you given their busy schedules. So thanks to all who I met in person, it was a pleasure meeting you and getting the chance to chat for a bit. I even had a few people approach me for a quick chat, that was great, in particular Guy Chapman, good to meet you thanks for stopping by to chat.
Me and Mike Laverick hanging out in the blogger's lounge.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for my trip synopsis, check back tomorrow for another blog post for more on my trip to VMworld 2010. Also if you hadn’t heard yet, VMworld 2011 is going to be held in Las Vegas, NV (cue the Elvis music), Viva VMworld 2011 Las Vegas!! Mark your calendars now. There were over 17,000 attendees this year at VMworld 2010, sure to attract over 20,000 next year in Vegas. See you there.


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