VMworld 2010 was a blast, and probably my most favorite part of the conference was the Solutions Exchange. There were around 200 vendors and for the most part they all had some really nice products to demo and really good schwag. It seemed every booth you walked by was trying to lure you in with some form of schwag, a t-shirt, bouncy ball, a pen, a book, mouse pads, etc. One booth in particular takes the worst of VMworld 2010 schwag award, I won’t name any names but if you were at the show you know which booth I’m talking about. This booth was attempting to lure you in for a shot at scanning your badge and flooding you inbox, with nothing more that an open bag of Beef Jerky! Beef jerky? Really? I think you could probably try a little harder next year, at least a bag of beef jerky for each person who stops by and not just “grab a few pieces”, that grossed me out. Like I said, you know who you are booth XYZ, try harder next year. FYI, they didn’t get my badge scan! The Best of VMworld 2010 schwag category award goes to Cisco in my opinion. They had by far the nicest t-shirt, a close second place was Veeam, loved their “Got VMware?” shirt. Of course you can’t count VMware’s schwag, it was really nice, some really nice shirts and pens and of course I loved the backpack, even though it kept ripping, I went through 3 backpacks and the one I took home still ripped, it was a nice design though, good colors, I’ll use it a ton. So here are my schwag stats:

Schwag, schwag and more schwag!

    *20+ t-shirts
    *15+ pens
    *10 bumper stickers
    *6 mouse pads (thanks Wyse)
    *tons of candy (awesome VMware printed M&Ms)
    *2 license plate frames
    *3 water bottles
    *5 lanyards
    *3 flashlights
    *5 bouncy balls (2 that light up, thanks Veeam)
    *a football
    *2 balsa wood airplanes
    *blinky light up necklaces (my kids love them, thanks VCE)
    *a backpack
    *4 reusable bags
    *a keychain

Of course this doesn’t count the things that you can win. I know @nerdblurt won 2 iPads (I still think he should have given me one, the offer is still on the table Luigi) and I won a new iPod Nano which is really cool, my son just submerged my 80GB iPod classic in water before I came to VMworld, so it worked out nicely. They also gave away PS3s, Samsung 3D TVs, LCD TVs, Drobos, SSD drives, and a ton of other prizes through drawings. Good stuff.


Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of vDestination.com. He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

2 thoughts on “My trip to VMworld, part 2: Schwag Report

  1. Greg pretty impressive collection. Like you I enjoyed many great visits to booths but only took certain swag home. I was lucky to win 2ipads & flip cam not to mention the emotiv epoc. My kids love swag and I get stuff for them & others not able to make show.
    I have to say Trainsignal had best shirts vNerd!! Cisco 2nd
    Aka NerdBlurt

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