Train Signal is at it again, releasing their brand new VMware View 5 Essentials Training videos last week. If you haven’t ever tried a Train Signal video or purchased one, you are definitely missing out. Train Signal gives you the opportunity to experience in classroom training from the comfort of your home, on demand and at your own pace. Every training video in Train Signal‘s vast catalog is presented by an expert in their field. The View 5 video is taught by Brian Knudtson and Lane Leverett. To give you an idea of how qualified these instructors are, here is some bio information for you to look over:

    Brian Knudtson
    vExpert, Quadruple VCP, VCA-Desktop, VCP-Desktop, VCAP-DCA, VCAP-DCD

    Lane Leverett
    VCDX 3 and 4 (VCDX #53), VCAP4-DCD, VCA4-DT , VCP4-DT, VCP3 and 4, MCSE NT4/2000/2003, CCNA, DCUCD, DCUCI

That kind of experience in an instructor is priceless. Another nice thing about all of the Train Signal instructors is that they are able to relay real-world experience along with their teaching. Reading a book about VMware View is one thing, hearing about real-world experience gives the student a much better opportunity to learn about View 5 and apply that knowledge to their environments. Here is what you can plan on learning with Train Signal’s VMware View 5 Essentials Training from their website:

VMware View 5 Essentials is for IT pros that need to get a View environment up and running. VMware View is one of the world’s most-used virtualization solutions, due in part to the fact that such a VDI can greatly reduce costs of end-user desktops. This course covers View components, installation, configuration and more.

Can’t Afford IT Training?… read on
Yes, we all know how expensive IT training is, to be honest there have been many training courses I’ve had to pass on simply due to the enormous cost. Take for example a large classroom training company which offers VMware View training; they have to cover the cost of the building upkeep, overhead of employee salary and benefits, materials, lab space, there’s a lot of money wrapped up in overhead. You can expect to pay around $3000 for a course offered by a company such as this. Train Signal brings the course to you. There’s no overhead of having to provide space for 60 students in a classroom along with all of the computer equipment for each student. You can have the training on demand, do it at your learning pace. Incredibly, Train Signal is offering this course at $397 dollars delivered to your door step at no additional charge.

Get A Free Copy From vDestination
Thanks to my good friends at Train Signal I have 2 copies of VMware View 5 Essentials training to give away free of charge. Here’s how you can win a copy. Leave a comment on this blog post pleading your case for a free copy of VMware View 5 Essentials from Train Signal, together with Train Signal we will decide on who makes the best case. Humor is welcome, begging is a plus… convince us how bad you want this training. Since I have two copies we’ll select the top two comments to receive the training. You must leave your first and last name, email address and your comment on this blog post, only one entry please. Contest is open now, and will close on Wednesday February 8th at 9pm EST. Good luck!

Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

14 thoughts on “Need VMware View 5 Training? Come Get It!

  1. You want pleading? Here you go!!
    Please oh Please I Really need a copy of the Wonderful Train Signal’s VMware View 5 Essentials training as where I live, any formal training is at least 5 hours away and We are moving into a Huge VMware environment right now and I need to get up to speed quickly. With vDestination’s incredibly knowledgeable site and Train Signal’s Great course, this will be possible. My learning philosophy is: The more that you read (or watch) the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Seuss!

  2. Whow, this training would be very good to continue my VMware studying. I just passed the vcp5 exam with the help of the Trainsignal training. VMware View certification is on top of my list for 2012.

  3. I need to Lear the future of virtualization which VMware is leading but the trainings are very expensive can not afford it. Trainsignal has excellent trainers and vExperts. Please traingsignal give me a chance to get this fee copy as I will surely learn lots from it. Please please please…I need it… Please please please

  4. I recently moved to a small town in rural Nebraska and started work for a medium size company. Last week we got approval to switch over to an HP blade environment and migrate all of our servers over to virtualization on VMWare. I need to make a case to my upper ups of why we need Enterprise edition over standard edition and my VMware experience is lacking. I am also the primary responsible person for the entire virtualized environment, … ok your right all of that is BS the real reason I need this… without proper training I could lose my job, and if I lose my job i might have to learn to pit fight, and if i learn to pit fight I might break a toe, and if I break a toe I wont be able to training for my Olympic dream of being the worlds fastest man. So you see without training this would crush all my dreams and leave me a pathetic broken shell of a geek….Don’t kill my dreams ….

  5. My new job is deploying VMWare view 5 and I am way behind the curve on learning this product. I love all things TrainSignal and have no doubt if I win this training I will be up to speed in no time deploying this like a champ…

  6. We’re in the midst of a View 5 Pilot. Luckily, the product has been relatively straight forward to get up and running. Once we’re ready to take View to the next level it will be instrumental to have a deep dive walkthrough of the product to get our maximum return – Persona Management, PCoIP tweaks, GPO’s, etc. As the lead Engineer on a team of two who have both been to a significant training in the previous 4 months we won’t get the opportunity to attend a costly training. I need to knock this deployment out of the park and according to the twittervese TrainSignal is the best solution. That’s why I need to win this training.

    Thanks for the contest!

  7. Why should I get the free copy?
    Well…VMware View is really a wonderful piece of software in which I’m personally interested in.
    I’m a big fan of VDI and everything which I’ve seen and experienced from View so far is just great. Unfortunatly I probably won’t set up a VDI for my company or for customers in the near future and that’s why I won’t get educated for it. The only thing which I can do is reading through the documentations and setting up View in my home environment… and so here’s my chance to get a real good education which will help me advance in my IT career and also increase my VMware knowledge; I’m allready a VCP and I also want to head for the VCA-DT or even VCP-DT.
    I know that Trainsignal provides fantastic trainings and I would be great if I could get the free copy of the View Essentials Course 🙂

    Btw. from time to time I’m hearing voices in my company about how nice it would be to just work from everywhere without having to struggle with a bad server connection or slow VPN; wouldn’t it be great if I could show them how easy and fast it would be to work with a Virtual Desktop on View? 😉

    1. I just noticed, that I didnt give you my full name; I hope that this did not disqualify me 🙂

  8. Hello,

    I am a huge fan of train signal site and would love a copy of the VMware view training course. I recently finished watching the XenApp 6 course and I think the training and the instructor were amazing.

    I think the instructor does a great job of explaining the topics and than showing where these settings are in the farm and how to configure them.

    The instructor has a great personality and is reql real personable and I really enjoyed listening to him explain each of the topics in this lesson.

    I especially like how the training is already in the right format and how this training can be installed on an IPad or iPhone for easy fast
    viewing. It was great how there was an additional video that explained how to copy the files over to iTunes and than copy them to your device.

    Great course and excellent instructor!!!!

    Joe Cacchioli

  9. Well I got kicked in the nuts for the SuperBowl, my Jayhawks lost at MU, and it snowed that night. So I need a pick me up, and something exciting to watch! I’d pack up my copy of In Time on Bluray I just bought to watch this View 5 video. Much more action, and suspense.

  10. Well, we’re on the cusp of a VDI roll out here at the university I’m employed at. VMware View seems to have won the day despite us not really looking at other solutions. I’m already overburdened with other projects: print management systems, SCCM 2012 planning/implementation, rampant desktop workstation hardware issues across our university, and oh yeah, I still have to manage 40+ student employees! (Repeat after me: “I’d be DELIGHTED to take your call and reset your password.” (-: ).

    Oh yeah, I should mention that we just licensed training for students/faculty/staff across campus and I’m making the case that we should buy Train Signal licenses for our technical staff for training too! This would be awesome as a dry run to get folks introduced to what their training is all about!

    This course really would make my life easier!

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