It seems as if the end of standard desktop computing has all but come to an end, or will shortly. Many companies have thrown out the inflexible desktop PC model for their employees for a much better suited virtual desktop model. What does this do? For starters it gives the end-user much more freedom than they’ve ever had with their desktop PC. These days there are numerous options for end points that are suitable to load your virtual desktop on. You can be at the ball game, working on your virtual desktop via VMware View which is all accessed from a client loaded on your iPad. The possibilities are endless.

Many times as an end-user you don’t question the “how” of your desktop, you just log in and want it to boot up without any issues and you want it done fast. There are many things that go on behind the scenes in a VDI environment and one of the most important things is profile or persona management. Why is it important? That’s a good question and one that is not usually given a second thought; that is of course until something goes wrong and your desktop is hung on “applying personal settings” for 20 minutes. That is when the “how” of VDI gets questioned.

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Greg W Stuart
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