How green is your IT environment. With today’s big push to make everything greener and more environmentally friendly, you have to be prepared to go green just to stay up with the competition. The question is, “How can you make your IT infrastructure ‘greener’ while not having to downsize your infrastructure?” The answer is simple, VMware. VMware can turn your IT infrastructure into a lean green fighting machine. Usually there are some hurdles that come with creating your company’s green initiative. Those hurdles can range from the usually costly upgrade to a greener option, disposal of newer equipment solely because it’s not green. Here are some tips to make your IT infrastructure “green”:

    Virtualize your servers. This is obviously the first thing you can do to get a greener IT infrastructure. This would of course come with having to buy software licenses, which are costly, but the return on investment covers and up front cost and then some.

    Build a vCenter Server that you can manage multiple ESX/ESXi hosts through the vSphere Client from the desktop. This will save all of the ear plugs that are thrown away everyday (I’m guilty myself on this one), this will also make it easier to discuss your new virtual network layout without having to shout over the integral coolers. Man those are loud.

    When you set up your new ESX/ESXi hosts and load them with VMs, deploy the VMs and start really using the new virtual infrastructure, you can then begin to master the tools that come along with the vCenter Server suite. Things like HA, DRS, vMotion and others, will save the administrator time and effort in having to go in and out of the lab, and to have separate admin workstations to work in the lab and out of the lab.

    With VMware View, you can connect to a thin client from companies like Dell, WYSE and HP that will offer the end user a solid and flexible desktop delivery method with almost zero latency or screen resolution loss. This helps to leave a smaller footprint under the desk, keeping the room less heated and eating less power at the outlet.

In my mind there are so many ways that a company could go green, but we're past talking about separating our glass from our paper and other stuff to keep and recycle. We have VMware and their amazing products to allow us to keep our green initiative going strong. Download the eval copies of Workstation, ESXi, or ESX or Fusion and test drive them for 60 days, I promise you will buy a license and get it installed.

Still aren't a VMware believer? I’ve attached the Green calculator from VMware, and I plugged in a round 100 servers just to demonstrate VMware’s capability to go green. You can’t argue with the numbers. Is your boss reading over your shoulder at this point in time, here's for your boss:

VMware’s Green IT Calculator
“Reduce Energy Cost and Environmental Impact with Virtualization”

Greg W Stuart
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