First off, this experience was really nice. VMware has really decked out an 18 wheeler to the hilt. On the outside of the truck there are two (~42″) large monitors displaying a slide show on some of VMware’s newest products. On the inside of this beautiful truck (nicely air conditioned as well, 90 degrees + that day) there are basically 3 separate areas to see. In the front of the truck there is a nice sized conference room behind frosted glass doors with the VMware logo, typically something you would see at a corporate HQ of some sorts. The middle section of the truck is set to be demos of the newest VMware technology. Finally the rear of the truck is partitioned as a small server room housing a couple of Cisco blades, and a great storage set up.

The VMware employee was very knowledgeable and gave a great presentation on the demos that were displayed. Yes, we were able to play with all of the demos, and that by far was the best part of the tour. The shortest part of the tour was the rear of the truck where the server room was. He basically showed us the storage and networking configuration and then said, you can’t play with this demo, our configuration works nicely and we don’t want it to stop working. Understood. They had a demo of VMware View 4.0 desktop virtualization on display, and it was impressive. Powered by a Chip PC Technologies EX-PC thin client about the size of a paperback novel, it provided a rich desktop environment that was real-time.

Chip PC EX-PC Thin Client
For examples of the desktop quality they had a 3-D imaging software running as well as the Toy Story DVD running, as well as a spreadsheet and Word document open.

The most impressive technology on display was VMware View married with FollowMeDesktop. This VMware technology allows healthcare professionals the ability to basically take their desktop with them basewd on their identity that is tied to a proximity card. This is VMware’s official description:

Desktop Environments Tied to User Identities Instead of Devices Helps Healthcare Professionals Reliably, Securely Access Information for Better Patient Service

The healthcare professional basically logs in to their VM and can simply swipe their badge and it brings up their desktop in any office/patient room. This eliminates the need to carry a tablet PC or have a PC in every room. This is an amazing virtualization solution for the healthcare field. Of course with an event like this, there comes with it the official VMware schwag. We got to take home a nice fabric sticker with VMware in chrome puffy logo. Definitely don’t miss this tour when it hits your area. Shout out to dberk for setting up this VMug, it was good to finally meet some of you in person and it was highly informative. Look forward to the next VMug.

Greg W Stuart
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