Tintri LogoTintri has entered the all-flash array market.  Last week, Tintri introduced the T5000 all-flash storage array.  Tinti continues to lead the way in VM-aware storage architecture.  What is VM-aware storage architecture?  Tintri enables storage actions to be taken at the VM-level as opposed to the LUN-level including management, replication, automation and analysis.  Have you ever been asked the question if storage is the problem for a particular VM performing poorly?  If you’re using a storage array that utilizes LUNs, this would involve looking at the performance of the LUN which could contain tens to hundreds of VMs, making it very difficult to determine if storage is the problem.  With Tintri, you can monitor the performance of the individual VM, quickly allowing you to determine if storage is the problem.

VMstore T5000, what you need to know

The T5000 all-flash storage array consists of two models, the T5060 and the T5080.  A breakdown of the capabilities of each model are as follows:

While the T5000 would work for many types of workloads, Tintri has identified two workloads that are a good fit for the T5000.  First, large databases with over 5TB of active data.  Second, large VDI deployments with over 2,000 VMs that contain a large amount of common data.

Hello Tintri Global Center 2.1

Tintri also announced Tintri Global Center 2.1.  While the T5000 all-flash storage array is an exciting announcement, I really like what Tintri can do with Global Center.

Global Center is Tintri’s management interface that allows you to manage up to 32 Tintri VMstore storage arrays including both all-flash (T5000) and hyrid (T800) storage arrays.  You can manage up to 100,000 VMs across multiple hypervisors including vSphere, Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.  With Global Center, you can migrate VMs between VMstores, both hybrid and all-flash, and all policies and statistics for that VM follow it to the new VMstore.  Also, you can set QoS policies for groups of VMs and move groups of VMs between VMstores and again, all policies and statistics for that group of VMs is retained.

Global Center provides real-time, actionable VM-analytics.  As mentioned above, you can take action against individual-VMs based upon the analytics you receive within Global Center.  Does a VM need more performance, move it to a T5000 or is your T5000 nearing capacity and you need to move more high-performing VMs to it, no problem, easily migrate lower-performing VMs from the T5000 to a T800.

VMstack Converged Infrastructure

Tintri also announced VMstack Converged Infrastructure.  With their partners, Tintri created a converged infrastructure allowing you the choice of compute, hypervisor, network and application.Tintri VMstack Partners

The current Tintri VMstack Converged Infrastructure partners are Groupware, 5S Technologies, p1Technologies, nfrastructure, redicloud and VirtualArmor.

Additional information about each announcement can be found below.  While some vendors are running as fast as they can chasing the next big thing, there is something to be said for jogging and building upon what you do well.  Tintri has definitely taken this approach in expanding it’s portfolio, adding another storage array that runs the same Tintri OS as its current storage array as well as fully-integrating it into Global Center.  Set QoS for individual VMs, migrate them from a hybrid storage array to a all-flash storage array, review the performance analytics on a per-VM basis and replicate only those VMs that you want to replicate, all with Tintri.

Visit Tintri at VMworld 2015 at booth 921 as well as on Twitter @Tintri.

Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash Series

Tintri VMstack Converged Infrastructure

Tintri Global Center

Tintri OS

Tintri VM-aware Storage Universe

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