Welcome back readers, here’s the lastest entry in my Top 5 Blog Posts Of The Week series. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past month and a half, forgive me for the lack of content. This week was chock full of great blog posts from some of the best bloggers around. I’ve compiled what I think are the best, please comment and point us to posts you think were great that didn’t make my list. To those that have an entry here in my list, great job, keep up the good work. Of course at the bottom you will find the “Bonus Post” it usually has nothing to do with virtualization, I either thought it was interesting or weird, either way it’s worth reading.

Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week
These posts are from the week ending 01/13/2012
Edward HaletkyCloud: More Secure than you Think?
At the end of last year and the beginning of this year the Virtualization Security Podcast featured two very different guest panelists to discuss cloud security, policy, and compliance: Phil Cox, Director of Security and Compliance at RightScale, joined us for the last podcast in 2011 and the George Gerchow of VMware’s Policy and Compliance…

Rick VanoverHow To Configure Hyper-V Failover Cluster Quorum
One of the main sticking points with learning Hyper-V is getting your head around the Clustered Shared Volumes technique to provide .VHD files on a SAN to multiple Hyper-V hosts. The CSV technique is an extension of Microsoft Failover Clustering…

Eric SloofVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0 Performance and Best Practices
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0 provides business continuity and disaster recovery protection for VMware virtual environments. Protection can range from virtual machines (VMs) residing on a single, replicated datastore to all the VMs in a…

David DavisTop 5 vSphere security features in VMware vSphere 5
The release of VMware vSphere 5 brought a number of vSphere security enhancements. Here are the top five vSphere security features you need to know about in the new version…

Martijn BaeckeArchitecting High Available vSphere Auto Deploy
One of the cool new features of vSphere 5 is Auto Deploy. This tool enables the stateless booting of ESXi hosts. No longer an installation to disks is required to boot the ESXi hypervisor. Instead the hypervisor is booted via PXE boot into the memory. The ESXi image is booted onto a bare-metal server, so in case the server powered off the “installation” and configuration is…

Bonus Post
Eric Zeman5 Mobile Trends From CES 2012
More so than any previous year, the mobile industry played a major role in shaping the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. With carrier, handset, and tablet news a-plenty, mobile tech had the tech world talking all week. Here are five trends that appeared in between the lines this week in Las Vegas…

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