Another week in the books and a ton of great blog posts. This week it was very difficult to pick only 5, I could have done a Top 20 list, but I did get it narrowed down to the top 5 I think are the best blog posts of the week. Some of the top 25 virtualization bloggers made it on this week’s list and their articles are a great read. My favorite of the week is the Top 25 Free Tools for VMware vSphere by David Davis and Kendrick Coleman. If I missed some you feel should be on the list, please leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to read them. Thanks to everyone who put out great posts this week, keep them coming.

Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week
These posts are from the week ending 01/20/2012
Jason BocheHow to properly remove vSphere datastores
Right click on the datastore object and choose Delete, right? Wrong.Following are two good VMware articles outlining the correct procedure for removing datastores in a vSphere environment…

Jonathan MeddBasic VMware Cluster Capacity Check with PowerCLI
I recently needed to provide a high level capacity overview per VMware cluster looking at some metrics of interest that were being used as a guide to the capacity state of a cluster. Note: these are by no means definitive or the ones you should be using in your environment, but for these purposes they met the requirements…

Brian MaddenWill desktops ever move to the cloud? Newsflash: Mine is *already* is a cloud desktop. And so is yours.
When thinking of the term “cloud desktop,” most people immediately think of either (1) a Desktop-as-a-Service remote protocol-based VDI-like solution (Desktone, dinCloud etc.), or (2) one of the pure browser-based desktop environments like the Google Chromebook or one of the web “desktops” that Gabe wrote about a few years ago…

Simon SeagravevChat – Episode 22 : The Late One
In vChat Episode 22 (aka “the late one”) David Davis, Eric Siebert and myself talk about a range of different tech and VMware related topics. It’s been a while since our last vChat and things weren’t helped by my taking ages to edit this episode – so apologies for the delay. Lesson Learnt: Never commit to editing videos when moving house and most of your things are in storage. Smile Anyway, here are the topics we cover in this vGeek filled episode…

David DavisTop 25 Free Tools for VMware vSphere presented by @davidmdavis @kendrickcoleman
In this live (recorded) webinar, vExperts David Davis and Kendrick Coleman share their list of 25 best free tools for VMware vSphere management, reporting, performance, scripting and more. Whether you’re an experienced virtualization pro or someone just getting started with VMware administration, you’ll benefit from learning about these 25 completely free tools…

Bonus Post
Eiad Al-Aqqad – Cavemen want efficiency too! Move beyond traditional IT management solutions with VMware.

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