Hello readers! I’ve decided to dedicate my Friday posts to listing what I think are the top 5 blog posts of the week from the virtualization blogosphere. Along with the top 5 blog posts, I’ll add a bonus blog post that has nothing to do with virtualization, but deals with something important to technology as a whole. I’m borrowing this great idea from VMware’s own V12N blog aggregator and their top 5 blog posts of the week feature. That feature spotlights what VMware thinks is the top 5, and my list spotlights what I feel are the top 5 posts. To start it off, here is my first ever “Top 5 Blog Posts Of The Week” list, enjoy!

Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week
These posts are from the week ending 11/4/2011
Duncan EppingAll host failed, how does HA respond?
I wrote an article about the scenario where all host fail, due to for instance a power outage, and how HA responds to it. I had a question today if this was still valid with vSphere 5.0. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to describe the steps that vSphere 5.0 takes…

Damian KarlsonVMware VCP 5 Resources
Here’s a collection of resources & links that I’ve come across during my daily travels throughout the tubes that comprise the World Wide Web. I’m going to make an effort to keep these updated. If you’d like me to link to your VCP 5 resources/article/experiences/etc, please drop me a line via Twitter or in a comment on this page…

Jase McCarty“Cloud bursting,” streamlining, & preparing for huge demand
“Cloud bursting” is a new term that describes leveraging compute resources external to an organization, when the demand is greater than the organization has capacity for. Basically it is a process that provides additional resources that an organization doesn’t typically pay full price for the additional resources initially, but pay based on a consumption model when those additional resources are used…

Diego QuintanaCloud Computing, navegadores y como cambian las reglas de juego
Cloud Computing, navegadores y como cambian las reglas de juego es el titulo más apropiado para explicar como la tendencia de software as a service (SaaS) y el consumo de aplicaciones en la nube hicieron que el navegador más famoso de los 90´s fuera diluyendo su participación en el mercado para bajar hasta el 52 % en desktops y casi no existir en los dispositivos móviles…

Tommy TrogdenHow to install configure and deploy VMware View 5 on vSphere 5
It seems to me that at this moment the hottest discussion going on in the IT world is around Virtual Desktops. VMware-View-Diagram-large Whether you buy in on the hype, or you are one of those that don’t think it’s ready for prime time you have to admit that the best way to gain a better understanding of a product or solution is to just role up your sleeves and install it…

Bonus Post

Josh LowensohniPhone 4S battery issue reminiscent of ‘antennagate’
Apple’s silence on a problem that appears to be affecting a number of iPhone 4S users is bringing back memories of last year’s “antennagate,” something that could give hope to those expecting a fix…

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