vExpert Guest Post: David Davis

Top 5 How-To Videos from David Davis
By David Davis, vExpert, VCP, and Author of the Train Signal vSphere video training course

I would have to say that my niche in the world of virtualization is the “how to” video. That is really what my vSphere training course is all about and, in fact, that is what my column in Virtualization Review magazine is called, “The How To Guy”. Before my current role as VMware Instructor for Train Signal, I was an IT Manager and Administrator. As an administrator, I spent plenty of time trying to figure out “how to” do something. I think that, today, the experience of searching for, using, and being thankful for good how-to videos is what drives me to create great “how to do X in virtualization” videos.

On my blog,, I have posted a number of how-to videos over the years. Here are my top 5 how-to videos. Enjoy!

1. VIDEO: Connecting VMware vSphere to Iomega iSCSI Storage

2. VIDEO: vExpert Panel Discussion at Charlotte VMUG with EMC and NetApp

3. VIDEO: VMware Certification Overview – VCP, VCDX, and vABC

4. VIDEO: VMware GO- The Onramp to Virtualization

5. VIDEO: vChat Episode 2 – vSphere ESXi Ready for Primarytime?

vChat – Episode 2 from Train Signal on Vimeo.

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