Many of you have heard of a technology conference coming up at the end of August called VMworld.  It’s one of the largest and most popular technology conferences in the world.  There is another conference just a few weeks after VMworld that I am as equally excited about.  That conference is Unpolished Conference 2015 and it is being held September 17th and 18th in Cincinnati, OH.

There is a good chance you’ve never heard of Unpolished Conference.  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  Let’s be clear, Unpolished Conference is not a technology conference, it is an entrepreneurship conference.  It is a conference for the person in the office with all the ideas or those individuals getting ready to burst onto the scene with the latest technology start-up.  Unpolished Conference is two days of high-energy, engaging presentations and discussions for small business owners, start-ups and innovators.

Who Attends Unpolished Conference 

The keynote presenters include the President of Brand Solutions at Google and a television producer responsible for shows such as Survivor and Shark Tanks.  The President of Brand Solutions at Google is Kirk Perry.  A few words about Kirk:

Kirk Perry is Google’s president of brand solutions as of December 2013. Perry’s position is a new role that reports to the chief business officer. Perry was formerly president of global family care for the Procter & GambleCompany.  He started his career with P&G in marketing and became a general manager in 2001. Perry spent six years of his career in Asia with three-year assignments in both South Korea and Japan.

From my comment above, many of you already know that the television producer responsible for Survivor and Shark Tanks is Mark Burnett.  A few works about Mark:

Born in London, England, Mark Burnett started his professional life as a soldier in the British Army.  He has gone on to produce a variety of hit TV series, including Survivor, The Apprentice, The Voice, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?,Shark Tank, Sarah Palin’s Alaska and The Bible.

Wait, there are more.  Additional keynote speakers include:

  • John Maxwell – Author, Speaker & Pastor from Palm Beach, FL
  • Wendy Lea – CEO, Cintrifuse
  • Todd Henry – Author & Creative Consultant
  • Brian Tome – Senior Pastor of Crossroads
  • John Gray – Associate Pastor & Gospel Singer

Each keynote speakers background can be found at the following location:

Unpolished Conference presenters can be found at the following location:

Unpolished Conference 2015 is being held at Crossroads Church in Oakley, a suburb of Cincinnati, OH located just 6 miles north of downtown.  In the spirit of the conference, Oakley and surrounding neighborhoods are home to many small businesses.

Additional information about Unpolished Conference can be found at the following location:  Details include how to register, where to stay and FAQs.  I hope to be at the conference as a volunteer as well as to experience the excitement surrounding Unpolished Conference.  Follow Unpolished Conference on Twitter @UnpolishedCincy.


Nick Fritsch
Nick Fritsch works as a TAM for VMware, he lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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