Well, last night was the first night in probably the past 3-4 months that I haven’t been studying like crazy and reading something VMware related in preparation for my VCP4 exam.  Oddly enough, by 9pm, the kids were asleep, my wife was showing a house, and here I was aimlessly surfing the channel guide and finding zilch!  I’m bored!  I decided yesterday I was going to take a break and not kill myself studying but now I am bored and my brain is starving.  Therefore, I’m pressing forward with studying for the VCAP-DCA exam!  I know about a week and a half ago they published the VCAP-DCA Exam Blueprint Guide, and it is full of good stuff to learn and practice, yes I said practice.  This is not just a multiple choice exam, there will be some practical application included on the exam, so you really have to know your stuff.

While this will prove to take a much longer time and much more studying effort on my part, this certification is sure to prove you to be worthy of the title of VCAP-DCA on vSphere 4.  It is sure to hold much more weight in the market than just having a VCP, not to knock VCP, it’s a must have even to sit for this exam, and a very nice certification to have.  I will probably look to take the exam sometime in the Summer of 2011, I just need more experience under my belt before I tackle it.  Also, I need to tackle the CompTIA Security+ certification as well as my CCNA certification all before the end of this year…in order to satisfy my ambitious writing on my firms yearly review ‘going forward’ section last year.

A couple of courses that are sure to help prepare you for the VCAP-DCA exam are VMware vSphere:  Troubleshooting [V4], and VMware vSphere:  Manage for Performance.  Take those exams, study, do some tinkering in a home lab (for those of you who can afford it), and scour the blueprint.  I imagine that should prepare you for a shot at becoming a VCAP4-DCA, how cool would that be?

FYI there are several posts out there from bloggers describing their VCAP-DCA Beta Exam experience, I like Jason Boche’s and Scott Vessey’s.  Thanks guys.


Greg W Stuart
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