vmworld2013Hello readers, it’s that time of year again, time to get ready for VMworld. What better way to get ready than winning an all expense paid trip to VMworld for FREE! You read that right, FREE! This is the third year now that I’ve been lucky enough to put together a free trip to VMworld for one lucky winner, on top of that this is the 10th anniversary of VMworld which makes it extra special. This year’s contest is just as good if not better than last year’s contest. If you haven’t heard of this contest before, read about last year’s winner Stacy Carter’s experience, or 2011 winner Jason Silva’s experience, these should get you pumped about winning this contest. Now that you know how this contest goes, let’s get down to the details for vDestination’s VMworld 2013 Free Trip Contest.


What you will win
This year’s prize package is super exciting thanks to some awesome vendor sponsors! Thanks go to Veeam, Train Signal and Nutanix for helping me to put together an amazing prize package for the lucky winner, here’s what you’ll win:

  • A full VMworld 2013 Conference Pass thanks to Veeam Software
  • Roundtrip Airfare to SFO (up to $500) and an IT survival kit to include a Train Signal backpack and their new zombie t-shirt and pen, all courtesy of Train Signal
  • 5 nights hotel accommodations in San Francisco and an intimate sit down dinner for the winner +1 guest thanks to Nutanix (a new sponsor this year!)
  • Of course there are a ton of other intangibles that you will get from winning this contest such as networking with some of the best minds in virtualization, access to the legendary VMware Hall of Labs, a visit to one of the most amazing cities in the world and of course the vendor parties and awesome VMworld Party! From my personal experience as a 3 time VMworld alumni and from the experience of my past winners, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to gain unprecedented knowledge and experience from the industry’s leading virtualization software, VMware. That being said, stayed tuned to the contest page as in past years sponsors have come out of the woodwork to offer hardware, party invites and software packages adding to the winners prize package.

    How to Enter & Contest Rules
    The first iteration of this contest was a simple draw out of a hat for the winner, last year was based on the need to go and targeted to those who could not afford to go. This year is going to be a mixture of the two to make it as fair as possible. You will leave a comment on this blog post telling us (a panel of vExpert judges) why you want to go to VMworld 2013 and why you deserve to win. As in the past, if you write a novel, we’ll just ignore it. There were over 150 entrants in last years contest and we don’t want to spend an entire week sifting through 1000 word entries, this isn’t twitter but try to keep it as brief as possible. Once the contest is closed we will sift through the entries and come up with our top 10 entries which will then be placed in a hat (bowl/box/bag/whatever’s lying around) which the winning entry will be drawn out of. After the winner has been drawn, you will be contacted via email and then announced on twitter and on vDestination.com. Once we have a winner and they have been announced, we will schedule a vExpert Corner in which you, the winner, will appear with some of the judges to discuss with you how to prepare for VMworld and answer any questions you might have.

    The rules are as follows: Only one (1) entry/comment per person, the entry must include your twitter handle (if you have one), full name (first and last), reason you should win and a valid email address where you can be contacted (your email address and info will not be sold to or shared with any of the vendor sponsors. Your email address will be entered into the form and not in the body of your entry and will remain hidden from the rest of the entries). If any one of those items are missing from your entry it will not be considered for the contest. If you have won this contest before you are disqualified from entering. The contest is open to anyone in the world, however your air fare is only covered up to $500 anything above and beyond that limit would need to be covered by the winner. If you win the contest, you need to actually show up to VMworld, if you can’t go or know you won’t be able to get work off, please don’t enter. The contest is open today June 3, 2013 and ends at 7:00pm Eastern on Friday June 14th. The winner will be announced on Wednesday June 19th 2013.

    What’s Expected of You
    If you are the lucky winner you will be expected to participate in one episode of the vExpert Corner podcast and one Veeam Community podcast. After your VMworld experience comes to an end you’ll be expected to do a write-up (see past winners) of your trip to be posted on vDestination.com. I encourage you to take a ton of pictures and jot down highlights throughout the week so you can add it all to your post. That’s it! There is no purchase necessary. Enter today by leaving your comment on this post and good luck to you! Once again thanks to Veeam, Train Signal and Nutanix for making this contest possible… this is the best community in IT!

    Greg W Stuart
    Greg is the owner and editor of vDestination.com. He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

    73 thoughts on “vDestination is sending you to VMworld 2013… for free!!!

    1. Hi,

      I’d absolutely love to go to VMworld – it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me – but at present it’s not something that my employer is interested in (they won’t even pay for my VMware exams!) and I can see no other way to go other than winning a contest like this! With the recent arrival of my second son, I couldn’t justify the cost even if I could afford it! I have just been awarded vExpert 2013, mainly for my blog http://www.DefinIT.co.uk and am studying for VCAP5-DCA and DCD exams and a trip to VMworld would be awesome! I’ll stop now before I become undignified and beg!

      My twitter handle is @sammcgeown


    2. This year has been amazing and going to VMworld will make it perfect. Getting myself into VMware as a PSO consultant (starting in two months), starting a blog and getting my first vExpert, achieving the DCA certification and hopefully the DCD in couple of days. VMworld will be the best party to celebrate all that is happen for me this year!

    3. @miklm007 on Twitter

      I was able to attend VMworld last year but it has been confirmed that our company will not be sending anyone this year due to budgets. Our first child is due in July so I can’t afford to send myself. VMworld is the most informative & useful conference/training I have ever attended & going back would be an excellent opportunity to continue my career development. Thanks for the consideration!

    4. I have been a part of the VMware community for close to 6 years now and have only heard about VMworld and never got an opportunity to be there. I work for VMware, blog about VMware (on my blog – http://vxpresss.blogspot.com/ ), hold VMware advance certifications (DCA n DCD), have been awarded the VMware vExpert Title even have a VMware Tattoo
      😉 (Just kidding).

      But yeah, I believe it would be fantabulous for me to be at the Mecca of Virtualization (VMworld 2013) to experience the Reality of the Virtual World!

      Meeting the community, listening to technology leaders and innovative technologies around VMware would be the icing on the cake and I cannot DEFY such opportunities.. 🙂

      My twitter handle 😉 @sunny_dua

    5. David Stamen (@iamddavee). I deserve to be at VMworld 2013 because i was passed up with my company to go last year. This year healthcare decided to have budget cuts and again i was not able to attend. I am a local VMUG leader and vExpert for 2013 and of course the VMware evangelist for my company so i believe going will be able to give me a great opportunity to see what i can add for the upcoming year.

    6. Good Morning! I have recently been assigned new responsibilities where I find myself tasked with complete administration of our vCenter Server, VMview and VEEAM Backup & Replication. I have put in twice to attend training sessions which have been denied due to funding. With that said, the opportunity to attend VMWorld is out of my reach yet again. The knowledge that I could attain by attending would be invaluable. If I were selected, I wouldn’t waste a second of this opportunity. Failure is NOT an option.

      My Twitter handle is @rblaine104

    7. Why should I go to VMworld? Well… I think everybody that is working/managing virtual infrastructures should go at least once and this kind of contest are great for those that the boss doesn’t understand how important for the company will be that one of their employees attend or if you don’t have the money to pay it yourself -both saddly apply for me 🙁
      I want to get more involved in the community and now that one of my friends get awarded with a vExpert 2013 I think is something I can achieve next year, going to VMworld can be the start point 🙂
      Saludos from Costa Rica, pura vida!!

    8. Geoffrey O’Brien @geoffreykobrien – I am a father of three, two of which came in the past month, I work for a public entity, and money is tight all around. I have been gaining ground professionally and attending VMWorld is something that I would never be able to afford to do personally as it’s all out of pocket. I feel that I have a ton to contribute and being awarded vExpert for 2013, and a Veeam customer would like to have a broader chance to do so. Thank you for your consideration!

    9. Greetings,

      I would love the opportunity to attend VMworld 2013! As a Network Engineer for an IT consulting company, I plan, deploy, and maintain a wide variety of solutions that use virtualization in both the datacenter and inVDI deployments. It would be a fantastic opportunity to service my broad range of clients better with everything I’ll learn, from health care, to City/County government, public education, private small and medium businesses, manufacturing, and much more. Also, of course, meeting like-minded, intelligent people is always on my do-want list. Thanks for the consideration.

      – @anthonyrhook

    10. I’d like to go to VMworld so that I can find out more about upcoming developments and the impact that they’ll have on our infrastructure and application landscapes as a whole.


    11. Its really an amazing opportunity to attend this event, being a hardcore fan of VMware and an vEXpert i love to attend this year VMworld.

    12. Hi,
      Little chance of me winning but there’s even less if I don’t enter!!

      I’m an out of work SysAdmin having previously worked in a large regional UK building society (for the US audience they are best described as half way between a credit union and a bank) and fully implemented their vSphere 4 and Veeam infrastructure. I was also responsible for updating it to V5. I took a risk in November last year to go skiing/working in an Italian ski hire for 5 months, kind of like a delayed gap year. Sadly I had to return home early for 2 family funerals so wasn’t able to make the most of it.

      I thought finding work when I got back would be easy and everyone I worked with told me I’d walk straight into a job, sadly not! There just aren’t many jobs about in the local area. I’ve started spending my savings doing training courses (CCNA:R&S, CCNA:Sec and DCA) to keep busy and on top of latest developments but sadly they’ve drained my bank balance to a point where I can’t afford to travel to San Francisco – my favourite place in the world! Hopefully by winning this I can use what I learn and my new contacts to land a job back in the world of VMs and Storage!

    13. Why should I go to VMWorld?

      You may have heard the expression “No man is an island.” Well, that’s not quite true for IT at nonprofits. I’m the 1-man IT team (yes, there is an “I” in my team) for a nonprofit / church and we’re virtualizing everything this year. I think they even told me to virtualize one of the pastors…

      This project is my first attempt at designing and implementing a virtual infrastructure. Working in a nonprofit, there is zero budget for training despite it’d probably be cheaper to train me than have me break something.

      I think going to VMWorld would give me the opportunity to kick-start my growing VMWare knowledge and get our new virtualized infrastructure on the right track. I know one of the best ways to improve your skills in technology is to surround yourself by people who know more than you. It sounds like VMWorld is where they’ll all be in August!

      twitter: @jperkins74.

    14. Not only have I been trying to attend VMworld for the past several years unsuccessfully, but I have worked very hard in the past year especially to reach out and make connections with those in the VMware and virtualization community (industry leaders and enthusiasts). I run my virtualization blog, built my home lab, contribute in the vmware forums, and train others who are just starting in virtualization. This IS my passion!

      I have my VCP and I have recently completed my EMC Cloud Architect Specialist cert while diversifying my abilities through my masters of information systems I am working on as we speak.

      I would love for this amazing opportunity to help me network, learn, and get one step deeper into this field.

      Thanks for your consideration,

    15. Hello Judges,
      I would fly to VMWorld 2013 as it will be the first time ever for me in the USA. I think I deserve it as I’ve studied overnight to become Veeam Gold Partner in italy. I have an indipendent blog where I often write about Veeam products described with words and videos. I have been awarded vExpert for the first time this year and I really want to show my knowlwdge in the mentioned podcast. I know also Nutanix products so I can show off also on those.
      My twitter handle is @mfrizzi and you will find a lot of retweets of Veeam.
      Thank you

    16. Hola! The reason I would like to attend is go gain contacts and expertise to become a vExpert in two years (I gained my VCP5 last year, looking forward for VCAP next year, and vExpert status the year after that). I’m ambitious but realistic, and I want to be the second vExpert to be nominated in my country (Paradise Costa Rica)! As we say here: Pura vida!

    17. This is a great contest! Honestly who ever goes, they’ll have an awesome experience!

      For me it would be a first time and an amazing opportunity simply because there’s so much to learn but also one of the main reasons why I’d love to attend is because I definitely like to meet some of the great minds in this industry, would definitely prove to be invaluable!


    18. Can’t really express how many times VMware has saved my bacon as in IT guy. 5 years ago we were struggling against hardware costs reduction across our own infrastructure including clients. Right now this technology has proven to be the present and the future of our careers and there’s no doubt that an opportunity to go VMware World 2013 would be invaluable for anyone including potential customers that would like to take advantage of the best virtualization platform.

    19. Hi all, I am Bob Sutter or @narcotech. I cannot sayi am any better deserving than anyone else, but I can say that I sure would appreciate the opportunity. I obtained myVCP earlier this year and currently working towards VCAP. This trip would be invaluable to me thanks for your consideration, and good luck to all.

    20. I keep hearing about VMworld from the day I started working on VMware Products but never got a chance to attend. I would take this as my life time opportunity if I get a change to attend VMworld to meet some of industry respected people and also I have been awarded as vExpert for the first time so it give a me a great chance to meet fellow experts and learn from them so that I can keep contributing more to the communities in the coming year.

      Thanks Greg for running this contest!!

      Aravind Sivaraman (ss_aravind)

    21. I would love to go to VMworld. I have been using VMware products since the early days of workstation but have never been to VMworld. I used to be part of the Lotus Notes/Domino world and their conference Lotusphere was a great community of people. (working with Notes should get me something 🙂 Lotus Domino runs great in VMware!)

      I want to try and find another community like that with VMware. My goal this next year is to become more vocal in the community and reach out and help to pay forward all the help I have received.


    22. Looking at ( mostly technical ) virtualization video’s I’m stunned by the passion and enthousiasm of the peops on the screen. But on screen is on screen. I want to feel the passion in real life and share and inhale that enthousiasm.

      Compliments for making this opportunity to go to such an event for free. Who ever wins: realize you have the best seat possible and make us loosers feel better by truly enjoying this chance and get the most out of it !!

      Kind regards, Pieter (@PieterRe)

    23. I’m a startup guy with 2 successfully scaling and one failed startup. Have been selling scalable B2B solutions on cloud. Primarily interested in Cloud Telephony which I believe is going to replace the conventional Hard wire telecom. VMWare is at the center of it all and it would be interesting to hear and feel it, directly from you in your courtyard.
      More so, it would help me in bringing it to the newer product / services start-ups that I closely work with. Evangelism, you get for free !! 🙂
      Siddharth Pandey

    24. I would absolutely love to go to VMworld in San Francisco.
      I have never been to VMworld before (I am still new in the community).
      I have only been running VMware vSphere for like a couple of months.
      I work for a small (11 people) reseller for the graphical industry in Denmark, providing hardware, software and solutions that optimize the customers whole business.

      Our own vSphere environment, that I manage, is running of Apple Mac Pro hosts, so that we can virtualize Mac OS X Server, because we provide and sell a lot of Apple based solutions.

      Why I so win:
      Want to learn even more about VMware, the products and be part of the community.
      Never been to the US, so would consider it a huge privilege, if I was given the change to go.

      Thanks for the opportunity.

      Mads Fog Albrechtslund
      Twitter: @hazenet

    25. The last 2 years have felt like a battle, a fun battle but a battle nonetheless. Firstly convincing the business we should virtualise our infrastructure, business case after business case. Then implementing the solution in isolation, watching on in envy at industry colleagues with their army of implementers.

      Attending WMworld would be a nice little reward for the hard graft and hopefully give me an opportunity to see what I need to convince the business I should be working on the for the next 2 years.

      Combined with the chance visit Barcelona and the Camp Nou etc. sounds bloody good to me!



    26. This is fantastic opportunity to attend VMworld 2013, merely because in my former work I was passed up with my organization to attend VMWare 2012 due to budgetary constraint. This was right after I redesigned and upgraded the organization virtual infrastructure (from vSphere 4.x to vSphere 5.0) with ZERO downtime, and ensured maximum scalability and eliminate storage bottleneck.

      Best, @abdiellouis

    27. As many know, this year was tight on IT budgets. I work for a small government contractor so when sequestration came around, my IT budget was completely frozen. This meant no infrastructure upgrades and most importantly, no education assistance.

      Regardless of these mandated issues, I have managed to become VCP5-DCV and VCP-Cloud certified this year by spending my own money and investing in a small homelab. My passion has been VMware-centric technologies the past 4 years and VMworld would be an absolute dream.

      I appreciate the consideration and would love to document VMworld 2013 as a wide-eyed, technology loving geek from DC.


    28. I need to go to VMWorld and show the boys that girls can rock this too 😉 I’m working on my VCAP and want to continue to learn and grow in this exciting field. I’ve attended many Chicago VMUGs and love the sharing of knowledge in this community. I will be a virtual ninja!


    29. I was hoping to make it to VMworld based off my submission to present a session on the $54 million I helped save a DoD customer through one of my designs. Since that won’t happen and my company won’t send me this is the next best way. I made vexpert this year and am working on my VCAP.


    30. VMworld is one of my best sources of VMware knowledge. Whether I am taking a session, talking with an engineer or throwing ideas at a peer, the concentrated information is priceless. With a mandate to eliminate $220k from the IT budget, VMworld is going to be a hard sell this year. Since I don’t want to lose my Elite Alumus status, it would be beneficial to come up with alternate funding for my trip. How can the College say no when there are no costs involved?


    31. I would love the opportunity to attend VMworld. It has been a rough year for me. The company I worked for was purchased in January and most of us were laid off. A week after that happened my car’s engine blew so it’s un-driveable and then two days after that I tore a disc in my lower back and the doctor forced me into bed rest for 6 weeks so I was unable to interview for any positions. So as of right now I’m still out of work but continuing to try to find a job where I can use my VMware skills. Getting the chance to attend VMworld would be huge as it would allow me to brush back up on my skills and hopefully network with some people who might be able to help me land employment. I very much miss having the opportunity to work on VMware products right now. The worst part was my former company was going to send me to VMworld this year for the first time!


    32. I really want to go so I can learn more about VMware products, network, and just get hands on experience with stuff I haven’t played with yet. I’m new to virtualization and at the same time I’m implementing VDI into my organization. So, I’ve pretty much had to adopt the sink or swim model. 🙂 Of course with all the money spent on implementation there is none left to send me to something that would make a world of difference in my growth and the implementation. Also, I just attended a Houston VMUG and they made VMworld sound so awesome, how can I not want to go?!


    33. For me, it is much more than just going to VMworld to learn about the latest technology, it is about the unbelievable user community. It is such a passionate group of IT professionals which includes customers, consultants, and vendor professionals. This year I was nominated as a 2013 VMware vExpert, it is a thrill to say the least; I have supported, designed, and advocated virtual environments since 2004 for a Fortune 250 company, but my passion was fueled by the blogs and VMware community created by the vExperts since it started in 2009. It is hard to believe I am now a member of that group.

      I have tried to take the desire I have for infrastructure operations, virtualization, and cloud computing and inspire the next generation of IT professionals. I am on the technology advisory board of a local area vocational high school that is one of the few VMware Academies in the country. I talk to the students several times a year about virtualization, industry trends, and to let them know that there are tremendous opportunities for young adults to get into information technology. I also meet with the teachers to keep them up to date on the latest advancements in virtualization. I try to give back just a small portion of what I have gained over my 23 years in the industry.

      I have never been to VMworld, I have never had the funding or the opportunity, but it would be an unbelievable experience to be able to mingle with the community of passionate VMware professionals that have inspired me.

      Thank you for the consideration.

      Jason Gaudreau

    34. I would love to be a competition winner. I attended Vmworld last year for the first time in Barcelona and it was a profound experience. I’ve been a VCP for a while and started my own blog this year covering virtualisation and new technology – http://apanchal.com

      I’m hoping to become a vExpert next year if I build up my blogging skills and would love to contribute more to the VMUG and Blogging communities. I now manage a team across a wide breadth of technologies and coming up with the next innovative strategy is part of my remit so this opportunity would be a game changer. Not sure if we have funding from my company this year.

      Send me to SF please and I’d love to share my experience and become a real vContributor and show you what difference the trip makes.


      Amit Panchal

    35. I would be honored to have the opportunity to attend VMworld this year. As an administrator I have been implementing and managing VMware for over six years and I am a believer in both the products and the vision of the company. Over the past several years I have become an avid attendant to our local VMUG but I do not want to stop there. I believe that the opportunity to attend VMworld would not only benefit my knowledge and bring more innovation to my employer, it would provide the avenue to bring the new visions, ideas, and technologies to our VMUG community. I want to be able to share the experiences. Attending VMworld this year would give me the opportunity to report to the community and share the wealth of knowledge obtained from being able to first hand see and experience the VMware vision. Thank you for the consideration.


    36. I am going to VMworld this year as a 4 time Alumni but this entry is for my good friend who is likely to be told no this year. In the past year he has had his share of personal trials but its the business side that has really taxed his resolve.

      We met 2 years ago at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas and at the time he was the Director of Infrastructure and had a brilliant engineer on staff, who also knew how to throw down. Lets just say much was left in Vegas 😛

      This past year his engineer has left and rather than replace him the CEO decided that my friend would be more than capable of handling the business and technical aspects of IT. Well needless to say he can, but at the cost of long days and restless nights.

      He is an awesome guy, super knowledgeable IT engineer and deserves to be able to come to the conference to network with his peers and get what we both feel in top notch information from the VMworld conference.

      Please let my friend attend!

      Joe Graziano

      1. Admins and judges, Good news that my friend is going to VMWorld 2013 so please disregard my post and we will see everyone in August 🙂

    37. I have been hearing about this from a friend for a while and would like to come out to the party.

    38. I would love the opportunity to attend VMworld. The opportunities to network with different engineers is amazing. The chance to meet new people at the after hour parties are awesome. Learning new things at all the sessions will be amazing. Seeing all the new technologies in the Solutions Exchange will be great. All of this together would make me a better VMware engineer.



    39. I would love to go to VMworld this is the place where I can reply get to grips with what VMware are doing and more importantly talk to people close to the action. For me it is about networking with all sorts of people and learning as much as I can.
      I am the person at work who drives the VMware direction but get no real help with it… I don’t get training or other training opportunities :'( although I have been to VMworld previously.

    40. Attending VMworld 2011 has changed my life: it got me in contact with the great team of TrainSignal, gave me the chance to start writing many blog posts with focus on VMware and even review a training course about what is new in vSphere 5.1.

      Those efforts gave me a boost to land a job with a VMware partner as virtualization consultant, and was the major factor in being recognized as a vExpert 2013. I cannot afford to pay to attend VMworld 2013 from my own pocket and it would be a shame to lose such a chance to meet with the community again, being celebrated as a vExpert, recharge my resolve and got in line with the latest development in the field.

      Another VMworld will sure slingshot me towards giving more to the community that has gave me a lot so far.


    41. About one year ago I was introducted into the VMware community by the VMware instructor teaching Install Configure Manage course.

      Since then I have managed to start a blog (http://www.perfectcloud.org), started using Twitter and somehow managed to get over 5.000 followers, joined my local VMUG, was awarded 2013 vExpert status as one out of six in Denmark and hosted a vBeers gathering.

      Unfortunately my employer will not be sending me to VMworld, which is a bummer since it would be a dream come trough if I could go. It would be my first time attending VMworld _AND_ first time visiting the US.

      I am already studying for VCAP-DCA, but promise to pass the exam in 2013 should I be lucky enough to win this contest! 🙂

      Thank you for your consideration.

      Rasmus Haslund

      1. I sincerely hope you are considered for this. You have made great progress in the last year and I can’t wait to see what you will do in the coming 12 months.

    42. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. I listen to vbrownbags & community podcast plus I want to meet John Mark Troyer. @prorouting

    43. I would love to go to VMworld US for several reasons.

      First of all; it would be a first time going to the US and if it would be to attend VMworld it would be amazing. The fact that VMworld US is the place to be to get all the new VMware announcements is also well known.

      Second of all; since I run a blog myself (which has gained me the vExpert status in 2012 and 2013) it would be a great opportunity to do live blogging and finalize everything in 1 final blogpost on vdestination.com with a nice overview containing the result on this amazing price.

      Third of all; VMworld US would be a great opportunity to meet some people who live in the US who are great in the whole VMware community such as John Troyer, William Lam,… The list is very long 😉

      Fourth of all; I am currently working on VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD, since there is a 75% discount at VMworld it would come in handy to pick up on this.

      Even if I don’t make it, I wish the winner an amazing week/event and I would like to thank everyone who makes this amazing price possible!

    44. @josuevx.

      I would like to attend to learn from first hand , meet the people that makes great virtualization products and contact IT peers from around the globe.


    45. @hugo_strydom

      Never been to a VMworld. Would love to go and learn more to give that knowledge on to people in our community in South Africa. Its all about gaining knowledge and sharing it. “Always give back more that you receive” (Paul Maritz) and that works for me!

      Hugo Strydom

    46. Hi to all vColleagues out there.

      Well, I work at a telcom company and since 2008 we have been experience the virtual benefits in our services. My job is to look for new innovations, technology that can help improve our services and time to market.

      I went to VMworld last year and it was the best experience ever. My employer will not send me to this event because of budget restrictions, and right now I’m working on a private cloud proposal for my IT Director. Going to VMWorld will be the best experience ever in order to aquire the knowledge and skills so I can design a private cloud solution and also to advance in my career as an IT Professional. Also my intentions is to get certified on the VMWorld event.

      I’m working hard right now to learn by myself all the tecnology that is needed for implementing a private cloud solution with VMware. Please give me the oportunity to pariticipate in the biggest event of the year. VMWorld 2013.

      I like to give thanks to Nutanix, TrainSignal, Beeam and vDestination for this great opportunity that your are giving to us IT Pros that cannot afford to go to this great event.

      God bless you all

      my tweeter handle is: @ymendozahn

      1. virtualquebec (@virtualquebec) permalink

        June 10, 2013 7:00 pm

        Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.


        It will be so unconventionnal to go to vmword 2013, it will be for me a great defy to my convention….

        allan trambouze

    47. I’m certainly not one to offer up a ‘pity-me-pick-me’ story because in the grand scheme, my life is pretty darn good. BUT…self-funding a trip to VMworld is not within my bank account right now…so here goes 🙂

      The underlying reason people seem to be posting here is that their employer will not/can not fund them to go. I very much fall into that category as well (I actually have to pay for my own Trainsignal subscription and recently paid for my own VMware training course (for my VCP certification – out of (my) pocket). I am a lone sys.admin for a small non-technical company (farm insurance). Since introducing them to both VMware and Veeam nearly 2 years ago now when I arrived, they continue to be amazed at what I/we can do with these awesome products. With that said, I’m trying to branch out with the Technical people of the VMware/IT world and would love to continue that via VMworld 2013. To a person, the experiences and knowledge (and networking and the Veeam Party…etc) that is had from attending VMworld is unmatched. In my previous role (6+ years) as a Network Admin, something always came up (financial/schedule/etc) that prevented me from attending VMworld (when I asked). Now that I’m working at a non-tech company, the possibility seems that much further away… While I do some ‘networking’ and knowledge gathering/sharing at my local VMUG and various IT events, who in their right mind wouldn’t want the opportunity to meet and chat up the best in the business and attend VMworld!?? Well, count me in – I just booked the vacation days…

      my twitter ID is @_kyletrott

    48. I’m Alexandru Covaliov (@peposimo) and I’m preparing for VCP510 exam. I hope it will be a lottery between all guys here and not by who wrote the most sweet words. Everybody wants to be there like me. And I think is better to give a chance for guys like me. Is difficult to come to the same level like vExperts and events like VMworld develop that passion to VMware. I don’t want to be here just for the event. I want to learn a lot of things. I want to be between experts to show my knowledges and get new knowledges.
      If you want to be an expert you have to attend this event.

    49. I want to go to VMworld as I’d like to change roles at my company from QA to more of an SA role. I also have never been.

      Kam Lie @kamlie

    50. Hi,
      I work in virtualization for some time now. I attended to VMworld Europe 2 years ago, but VMworld US is completely something else !
      Until now, I was focused on Data Center products, but I begin to focus more on Cloud Solutions. I’m already VCAP5-DCA/DCD, and I think that attend to VMworld US this year would be a great opportunity for me, to meet some great IT vPeers and to get closer to the “action” !

      All the major announcements always take place at VMworld US, and I know it is going to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY !
      For all these reasons (and because my horoscope told me), I’ve already packed my bags to come.

      Thx !
      Romain DECKER, a.k.a. @woueb

    51. Great contest, thanks for running it.

      Why I’d like to go to VMworld US 2013?
      I’ve been to VMworld Europe before but I had to beg and borrow to do it. The learning, networking and participation opportunities that are available in the US are, I’m told, amazing and I’d love to compare and contrast them with the European conference. I’ve been past the Moscone Center a few times but I want to go in. I want to go to VMworld.

      Why I deserve to win?
      I don’t. Or, at least no more than anyone else does. I have the passion for technology and it would be a real privilege.

      Michael (@mpoore)

    52. First of all, let me heartily Thank all the sponsors who are making this “Dream of Everyone” (who is part of this wonderful VMware community), a REALITY to attend the VMworld.

      Now this will be pure/sheer luck as I can see how many people in front of me have expressed the interest in attending the VMworld – (if I could I will send everyone 😉 ) but here is the reality everyone has to face, including me:

      “Only one person will get a chance to attend”

      To me, this will be 1st time experience in its own way which will be an invaluable opportunity about which I don’t have any words to describe. Certifications, Community support, Help to VMware community, Blogging, VMUG participation, CloudCred Participation, Help the people of VMware community (one or the other way possible e.g. Tweeter, Mail), Technical Review of VMware Books, Write books/article/white papers on VMware Technologies – all these you can see by visiting one’s profile or by doing a Google search. But if you ask a person why you want to attend VMworld, my answer will be only this:

      “Such experience is worth to have ONCE in a life time and it is Priceless”.

      I have done all the activities mentioned above, still doing it at present and will be doing it in future as well. So not sure what other requirements needs to be filled.

      Now most of us here on this page have various reasons who are looking for ways to attend this Grand Event, and even if, I work for such great company, its not possible for everyone here to go and attend this event. Personally this will be the 1st time I am willing to apply my luck (which is vary obvious looking at the number of people who are interested) but at the same time, once selected, you can take my word on finishing all the activities, post VMworld, which needs to take place from the winner.

      Not making this is an Essay, ending here by requesting a simple “YES” for VMworld.

      Good Luck to all the others as well.

      Cheers and wish me LUCK.


    53. #I have decided to write perl script instead of paragraph, all executable.
      # first i wanna
      use warnings;
      my $dear = “friends” .
      “as”; my $journey;
      @on = (” VMworld…”,”starts”);
      #each %of ; $you = “” .
      #”Best Of Luck ” .
      #”for all your entries”;
      each %of ; $you = “” .
      “I wish, ” .
      “vDestination will pick me for VMworld.”;
      while () {}
      do { #you can just
      $drop_me_a_mail = ‘ttohumcu@gmail.com’;
      #OR $tweetme = ‘@tolgatohumcu’;
      }; $I = “wanna_say”;
      ($thanks, $to_all) = (“:)n”, “till the day”) ;
      $I =~ /have_to/ ;
      $to=pack(‘c*’,72,74-1) . #and_move
      $on[0] . “n”;
      $to_all = %of . $you;
      #$give_me_a_call =~ /or/ ;
      $drop_me_a_mail =~ /(……..)@..(.*)/ ; #
      $signature=”vExpert, VCI, VCP, VTSP, VSP”;
      #and let me
      print $thanks, $to, $you, “nGood Luck to All. :)nn~” .
      uc($1) . ” :)n” ; #i mean c u at VMworld
      print “$signaturen”;

    54. VMworld would present me the opportunity to meet people who could help me expand my knowledge network. VMworld would allow me to cultivate resources that could answer questions, provide technologies and experience that my readers require to make their decisions and solve their problems. No one IT nerd can know everything; but at events like VMworld I can meet enough people to enhance the value of the services I provide to dozens of clients and the articles I write for millions of readers.

    55. Despite working for a fairly small organization, I was lucky enough to go to VMWorld 2007 to learn about this thing I kept hearing about called virtualization. I still remember walking into the Solutions Exchange the first day and feeling completely overwhelmed by what I was looking at, but I soon figured it out and learned so much, took in some great labs, went back to work and implemented VMware in our organization. VMWorld was a great benefit to me and our organization.

      Now it’s 2013 and it’s time to replace our storage and backup/DR systems, I keep hearing about strange things such as deduplication, and it seems everything now has the word “Cloud” in it. I don’t know where to begin, but I suspect I could find all the answers I need at VMworld. I’d love to go back, but like many here my organization doesn’t have the funds to send me. This contest is a great opportunity for someone, and I hope you’ll consider me for the privilege.

      Perhaps someone at VMWorld can even explain to me why I need one of those Twitter handles!

    56. Looking at the VMworld session list, it seems the education sector is vastly underrepresented at VMworld even though VMware’s products are heavily used by a lot of education institutions, especially in the VDI area. I manage a 500 seat View environment for a university and my request to attend VMworld has been denied due to the costs (although it’s a fraction of our overall IT budget). Other than attending my local VMUG meetings, I don’t get the opportunity for any kind of formal training other than what I manage to learn on my own. In my opinion the opportunity to attend VMworld sessions and talk to experts and peers would give me more information in a week than I could acquire in a year “googling” for answers and best practices. If I could come back with a wealth of new information for implementing things “the right way” instead of the “just make it work” way, perhaps I can prove the need to justify funding for sending me to VMworld in future years.

    57. Good afternoon! I am a recent honors graduate of my local technical college with an A.A.S. in Network management who fell in love with VMware and virtualization under the guidance of Brian Kirsch (2013 vExpert). I am also continuing my education at MSOE with their Bachelor’s in MIS. I am active in my local VMUG and have recently been asked to take over their social media accounts. Currently, I am preparing for the VCP-DV , blog, and tweet (@ExploreVM) about virtualization to expand my knowledge and to network professionally. As I attempting to enter the field of virtualization and IT, attending VMworld would be an amazing opportunity to learn even more about VMware, and virtualization in general, and could potentially open some doors for employment. As my current job is not in IT, they would not be willing to pay for me to attend VMworld. With student loans from my Associates degree now due, tuition for my Bachelor’s coming up, the usual monthly bills, and having to pay for my wedding next year, affording a trip to VMworld out of my own pocket is a couple of years off. Here’s to hoping I win a trip this year and can use the experience to catapult myself into a new career!

      Paul Woodward Jr

    58. Hi there,

      first of all: thank you for this great chance to go to VMworld!

      Well I’ve had the luck to participate at some of the great conferences of many smaller and far less important vendors like M$ and Citrix over the last years.

      But hey, _VMworld_ is the place a VCP and VMware-fan feels home, doesn’t he?!
      Now it’s really really time to take this shame of from me not to have been there – at the mother of all conferences – for one single time!


    59. I have heard the praises about “VMworld” and have wanted to attend numerous years!

      Most of my previous employers needed to be convinced that virtualization actually “worked” and that we would see any improvements/savings from the VMware implemenation I created!

      Why should you pick me for this opportunity to attend VMworld 2013?

      While I have worked in VMware environments the past 6 years, I am the VMware professional on an island with little to no side-by-side experience with which to interact. When you are considered the SME (subject matter expert) you don’t get many times to admit “I don’t know the solution.” Instead you say “I don’t know YET, but will have everything fixed in the next few minutes!” I’d like the opportunity to spend a few hours/days with the same sort of VMware professional as myself who lives in VMware daily, and have the opportunity to interact the VMware teams and 3rd party software companies to be presented at VMworld 2013

      I have convinced my current employer to invest in VMware training credits and have applied them toward a Fast Track course this summer. I’ll add a certification exam to my summer schedule as well…why not while at VMworld 2013???

      My kudos out to the sponsors of this “contest”. I have used TrainSignal for my CCNA certification, and while I have been working with VMware for a few years, Veeam has been an exciting new piece of softare to learn and use! Nutanix…I hope to meet you at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco!

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