How many phones do you prefer to carry? 1? 2? Maybe 3? I personally prefer to carry only one phone at a time, but there have been situations where I’m forced to carry 2 phones, my personal phone and a corporate phone. In my opinion it’s tough having one cell phone, but two is a nightmare. With VMware’s Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) you now have the option of carrying the device you want as both your personal and corporate phone. That is incredible. I like that VMware has mixed it up a bit and aimed a platform directly at the smart phone market. This idea is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has had to be chained to two separate phones.

Breaking The Chains Of The IT Mandates
The problem with personally owned devices in the corporate infrastructure is just that, they are personally owned devices. Were not just talking about cell phones, were essentially talking about pocket PCs or smartphones. The mobile phone is not just relied upon to make end to end calls over a wireless network. Our cell phones have evolved into devices that we rely upon to do mobile banking, social networking, app designing, MP3 purchases and web surfing. All of the aforementioned topics are nightmares to an IT administrator, each of them potentially bringing poison into the network. The goal of IT administrators today should be to limit any personally owned devices in the infrastructure and this is becoming increasingly difficult given the abundance of endpoints available to the end-user currently. Here is a short video from VMware CTO Steve Herrod on what VMware MVP is about in a nutshell:

IT is mandating specific phones for security, compliance and ease of management. VMware MVP eliminates the need for IT administrators to carry the burned of mandating specific phones for corporate use. In turn VMware MVP allows the end-user to bring their phone of choice into the infrastructure and avoid the need to carry a separate device only for corporate data.

How Is It Done?
VMware has taken their hypervisor solution and tailored it specifically for mobile phones in order to carry two separate profiles within one device. VMware MVP allows you to have a corporate profile on your phone that you can use to connect to the corporate network that is completely managed by the corporate IT group. This alleviates stress from the IT administrators in trying to keep track of personal devices on the corporate network. It also pleases the end-user by creating a scenario in which they can use their own phone without mandates from IT. It also saves the corporation money that would be normally spent on buying phones for their employees and managing them. VMware is good at saving people money in the long-term. Also, with MVP, IT administrators can remotely manage, update and provision corporate profiles carried on employee’s personal phones. Make sure to watch this short video from VMware which gives you some nice graphics on how it all works, it’s a great video:

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