Believe it or not, I’m still trying to catch up with all of my blog content I gathered at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas. Yes, I still have a ton of vExpert Corner videos to post as well as a video interview with VMware CTO Steve Herrod. Thankfully, one of my posts is done and ready to go, and here it is. I’m giving away a VMworld 2011 “Swag Bag”. Now, some of you may not know what a swag bag is, so let me break it down for you, here’s a list of stuff that will be in the bag:

    *An official VMworld 2011 conference backpack
    *8 Vendor T-shirts (including my favorite vendor t-shirt, keep reading)
    *Various vendor stickers to include Veeam, Tintri and of course VMware
    *Official conference materials (including a nice spiral VMworld note pad)
    *Lots of random pieces of swag to include pens, pencils and other fun stuff

The T-Shirts
If you’ve been to VMworld before, you already know it is a t-shirtfest! This year I came home with over 30 t-shirts! Just about every vendor there is giving out a t-shirt. With that said, I have ranked my top 5 VMworld vendor t-shirts (VMware is excluded because its no contest, their shirts rock). This year my top 5 shirts are as follows: 5. Aptare – These guys put out a great shirt with a superhero on the front and the tagline “Conquering Storage Gluttony, One Terabyte At A Time”, well done Aptare. 4. Cognizant – This shirt made my list for a couple of reasons, it’s a great color (light blue), it’s soft, and they had 2XL sizes (everyone should have plenty of 2XLs in their booth)! Great shirt Cognizant, it is “Good to be cognizant”. 3. Red Hat – This shirt made the #3 spot simply because it is awesome! All black shirt, Red Hat logo in the front, on the back it says “Cloud BaDaaS” enough said. 2. Train Signal – This shirt is simply an upgrade of their popular vNerd t-shirts, the font is slightly different with the vNerd made up of white squares and the tagline “powered by Train Signal 2011” simple, soft, speaks for itself. The #1 t-shirt this year is (drumroll….) 1. Eucalyptus – These guys have put together an incredible t-shirt. It is simple, a great deep blue/teal color with a neon green accent. Since words can’t do it justice I’ve taken the liberty (it’s my blog ok) of taking a picture for you to see it.

All of these t-shirts mentioned are included in the bag, and a few more that I didn’t mention. As a side note, Cisco’s t-shirt last year was one of my favorites, this year they only had larges and I need a 2XL, #fail for Cisco this year. Also, a let down was Veeam… last year they had my #1 t-shirt remember the “Got VMware, Get vPower” t-shirt… no shirt at all this year, green bouncy balls which were confiscated by TSA from what I heard, #fail for Veeam this year.

But Wait There’s More…
My good friend David Davis had just come out with vSphere 5 training from Train Signal and was gracious enough to make sure I got a copy to give away along with the swag bag. FYI, these videos ARE NOT swag… these are top-notch training videos from Train Signal and David Davis, the price of these videos is $397 on Train Signal’s site, but you’re getting them at vDestination for free, thanks Train Signal.

How To Win
This contest is simple, it’s a giveaway, I’m giving it all away, no purchase, no sappy justification letter, you just get it if I draw your name. All you need to do is subscribe to vDestination which you can do in the sidebar under the heading “Get the latest from vDestination”. Once you’ve subscribed, leave a comment to say “I subscribed” and your name goes in the drawing. That’s it. The giveaway is open to anyone and everyone, should you win I’ll get your info from the subscribers list and contact you after the giveaway closes. You can enter starting today, September 28th 2011 and you have until the Wednesday October 5th at 8pm EST when the giveaway will close. Check out the nice photo representation below of what you will win should you be the lucky winner randomly chosen on October 5th. Good luck!

Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

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