Did you miss VMworld this year? Disappointed you didn’t get any of that great swag? Maybe you went to VMworld but just didn’t get enough swag (hardly possible). Here’s your chance to add to the swag total or get some VMworld swag and feel like you were actually there! Mr. RTFM himself, Mike Laverick, has put together a giant bag of swag aka “SwagBag” and he’s giving it away as an early Christmas present, yes it is still October, barely. If you didn’t get any official VMworld swag, head over to RTFM and enter to win Mike’s swag giveaway. The backpack alone is a cool gift, I love mine, minus a few tears here and there and some faulty stitching, it’s a cool backpack.

What you get

Here’s a laundry list of swag items that you can win:

    1xVMWorld 2010 Bag with EMC drinks containers either side. Inside the bag is the following swag…

    * Signed copy of my Implementing vSphere4 book
    * A Copenhagen/Danish VMUG – MUG covered with PowerCLI and Remote Console Commands!
    * NetApp bicycle repair kik
    * NetApp branded x-mini II travel speaker
    * Netapp logo polo shirt (XL in Grey
    * NetApp logo baseball cap
    * TrainSignal vSphere Pro Series Vol 2 DVD
    * TrainSignal Veeam Management Suite Training
    * T-Shirts including
    o Official VMware Polo Shirt in Black with “VMware” embossed on top corner
    o vInternal’s Black “Not just another ****ing blogger t-shirt” as worn by Mike Laverick on the now world-famous vInterals Chinwag
    o Navy blue “VMware User Group” T-Shirt from the North Carolina User Summit
    o Black “VMUG MBR”logo t-shirt with Danish flag
    o VMware VMworld “Virtual Roads, Actual Clouds” logo
    * Dell “Notebook” – A hard-backed notepad which looks like a laptop!
    * VMware branded digital clock
    * F5 Networks branded Stop-Watch
    * Intel branded travel alarm clock
    * Intel branded keyring/torch
    * DoubleTake Mini-Football
    * Verizon Pack of 10-Pens Set

    * A cluster of T-shirts from
    o in black “SolarWind” T with “Geek” logo
    o in light blue, an EMC “Private Cloud” T
    o Bright orange RES Software Software T
    o Cisco Logo’d T in black
    o A Veeam “Get vPower” T in black

    * Collection of funny SolarWinds Stickers and Badges
    * CA Technologies Toy Monkey
    * BMC YoYo and Mints
    * TrendMicro Mints and USB Pen
    * VMware USB Pen
    * Teradici Stress Ball
    * Acronis Stress Yellow Man/Ball
    * Mints from Quest Software, Brocade, and Terremark
    * Intel Cloud Computing Key ring…
    * Something from EMC which I can’t identify!
    * Verizon Mini Etch-a-Sketch
    * Veeam Bouncy Ball that flashes
    * Virtual Instruments Bouncy Ball that flashes
    * F5 Stress Ball
    * Wyse Balsawood Glider

How to enter

Go to RTFM now and enter the raffle, tickets are $1.99 a piece and you can enter more than once. Read more about the SwagBag Raffle here. All monies raised will be donated by Mike’s charity of choice, UNICEF. The contest closes on December 17, 2010 5pm GMT and is open to all regardless of location. No better reason to spend $1.99, enter now.

Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of vDestination.com. He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

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