Congratulations Nick Howell (@that1guynick) you are the lucky winner of the Ultimate vSphere Reference Library and more. Last night I pulled your name out of a bowl full of over 70 contest entries. If you are going to VMworld we can meet up and I’ll give you your prize package in person, hopefully do a short video blog of the presentation. Check out the video:

Here is Nick’s winning bio:

After virtualizing nearly everything in our environment over the past 4 years, there hasn’t been a lot of time to go back and revisit what we could have done better/differently. By re-educating myself, I hope to improve my environment even more, by optimizing administrative tasks with automation and PowerCLI, building reporting workflows, as well as sharing with my fellow co-workers bringing them up to speed on virtualization. Everybody has a different way of doing things, and the little bit of Scott’s book that I have read has helped me tremendously. I hope to develop some standards around how we build and manage our environment, based on the extensive knowledge of these guru’s!

Congrats again Nick, I’ll be sending you an email to get your shipping info as well. A big thanks to all of our donors, Scott Lowe, Eric Siebert, Mike Laverick, David Davis and Chris Kusek. Looking forward to seeing you all at VMworld.


Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

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