Maybe you are a VMworld veteran, or maybe you’re a VMworld rookie, either way, if you are going, here is a can’t miss list of things to do and see at VMworld 2010 in San Francisco.

    VMworld 2010
    1. Technology Exchange for Developers. If you are a developer or just want to be part of something bigger than yourself don’t miss this event August 30-September 1. Although it comes with a slight investment (notice I said ‘investment’ not ‘cost) it is not to be missed if you are a developer, want to be a developer or just want a chance to win an iPad, this is it.

    2. Readiness Assessment for the VMware Customer Journey. This, I believe, is one of the more important sessions to attend at VMworld if you/your company is attempting to step into the world of virtualization and start buying licenses. Presented by Matt Herreras and Bob Stephens of VMware, this session is a hands on workshop and sure to be something to bring back to your boss, here’s the official rundown from VMworld’s website:

    Are you thinking about how to reach your virtualization goals? This session will introduce you to tools that will help you assess your readiness and roadmap for the VMware Journey – the prescriptive adoption path taken by successful VMware customers in their IT transformation goals through enterprise virtualization. This instructor-led, hands-on workshop will introduce you to the tools VMware provides to help you assess where you are on the Journey, your readiness to move along the Journey, and the risks that may impact your Journey. You will also be introduced to the services VMware can provide to help you progress on your Journey.

    3.VMware vSphere Troubleshooting. If you are an administrator, like myself, I wouldn’t miss this one. Albeit there are some serious vSphere geniuses out there, you know who you are, some of us are in the trenches still and this proves to be a session that you want to be in attendance. Edward Blackwell, a Senior Systems Engineer for VMware, is the speaker at the session, here’s the rundown:

    During this Advanced Lab Tutorial subject matter experts will walk through the VMware vSphere™ Troubleshooting lab. This lab will cover general troubleshooting techniques for VMware vSphere™ 4 related problems. More specifically, this lab provides an administrator with an understanding of the VMware architecture to successfully debug network & storage related issues, as well as those related to vMotion and snapshots.

    4. VMworld 5k Run. Dust off your running shoes, even if you are not a big runner, why pass up a chance to run with the Golden Gate Bridge as your scenery, beats the treadmill!

    5.Last but not least, the legendary VMworld schwag! First off, every attendee will walk through the door and grab their official VMworld 2010 backpack. If after 4 days you have tons of schwag that you just aren’t going to use or is going to get shoved into a closet at home, check out this post for a great idea on how to put your VMworld 2010 schwag to good use. Be charitable!

    San Francisco
    Thanks to my best friend, Army Dr. David Keller, I now have a super itinerary for the San Francisco bay area, here’s the link to his “can’t miss” itinerary. I’ve never been, but my wife has been a couple of times, and here’s what she thinks is a “can’t miss” list:

    1. Chinatown. Food, shopping. **note: reference Dr. Keller’s itinerary for a “what not to eat in Chinatown list”

    2. Fisherman’s Wharf. This is what San Francisco is famous for. Great, fresh seafood!

    3. Alcatraz. Everyone should see it at least once.

    4. Ghiradelli Square. Great place for souvenirs that won’t make it home.

    5. VMworld 2010 There’s really cute techie geeks there! Wink!

So there you have it, no excuses now, find a way to get there (check out this post) and reference this blog post when you are lost/bored in San Francisco. See you there.


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