vmworld2013So last year I did a post called Who’s who at VMworld and it seemed to be pretty popular, it got a ton of hits and a lot of people approached me to thank me for helping them put faces with names/twitter handles/blogs, some cursed me out for not adding them (just kidding), and others were glad that I didn’t add them to the list. Well, here we go again with my 2013 edition of Who’s Who at VMworld. This list is by no means intended to single out the best or brightest of VMworld attendees, I just want to help out the attendees who maybe will experience VMworld for the first time, or are new to the vBlogosphere. On this list you will find vExperts, bloggers, heavy tweeters, VMware employees and social media gurus as well as a few other folks. If I’ve left you off the list, my apologies, I don’t think less of you or think you are any less important/influential that the people I have on this list, it’s not an all-inclusive list. There are so many cool/interesting/strange people to meet at VMworld, don’t take my list as the final word on this.

Spend some time mingling on the Solutions Exchange floor, the Hang Space and any other social event you can and you will find the best of the best in our beloved community (the best community in IT!). Hope to see you there… ps. I did not add myself, even though many thought I should be on the list, I thought I might be pushing the limit of my blogger carte blanche. I would love to meet my readers and anyone else who wants to catch up, my wife has told me I look unapproachable, I don’t smile alot, don’t be afraid to approach me and don’t take offense if I don’t know you or have met you in the past but don’t remember your name, I have a short memory span with names, I’ll just apologize now.

Put a Name w/ a Face at VMworld 2013 with the list below


1. John Troyer – The King of Social Media and Communities for VMware. You will run into John literally all over VMworld, but if you are looking to catch up with him, your best bet will be in the Hang Space near the bloggers lounge. John runs the vExpert program and puts a lot of time and effort into getting us vExperts gifts, certificates, Beta programs and licenses. Follow @jtroyer on Twitter

2. James Bowling – VMware vExpert 2012/2013, Blogger at vSential.com, @vSential on Twitter, Captain of the vExpert v0dgeball team. James is a frequent contributor on vDestination.com and has been on my vExpert Judges panel for the past 3 years helping to pick out a winner for my annual VMworld giveaway contest.

3. Shane Williford – Shane is a virtualization super star with numerous VMware certifications to include, VCAP5-DCA, VCP-Cloud, VCP5-DT, VCP-DCV3/4/5, he’s a 3x VMware vExpert 2011/2012/2013 and Sr. Systems Engineer by trade. @coolsport00 on Twitter.

4. Chris Wells – Chris is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp and awesome blogger in his part time at vSamurai.com, which focuses on virtualization, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Storage Systems. Chris is also a multiple VMware vExpert award winner and can be followed on Twitter @wygtya.

5. Stephen Foskett – Stephen is really an awesome guy to get to know. He’s very knowledgeable about all things enterprise IT and also highly knowledgeable with consumer electronics. He runs GestaltIT and the Tech Field Day program. He’s been a contributing editor, columnist and feature writer for many industry publications. If you meet him in person, ask for one of the famous “FCoTR” pins which will be in abundance at this years show. You can follow him on Twitter @sfoskett.

6. Maish Saidel-Keesing – Maish runs the highly popular Technodrone blog and is based out of Israel. He is a Virtualization Architect for Cisco Video Technologies in Jerusalem. He’s a 4x vExpert 2010/2011/2012/2013, holds the VCP3/4/5-DCV, VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD. Maish is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the IT community, take time to say hello and shake hands with Maish. He can be followed on Twitter @maishsk.

7. Pat Gelsinger – Simply put, the CEO of VMware. Pat is a real down to earth guy and has done a fine job in replacing Paul Maritz just a year ago. He brings an energy to VMware and passion for what he does. I had the pleasure of meeting Pat at last year’s CTO party in San Francisco and he took the time to chat with me and answer all of my questions. Don’t be afraid to approach him and introduce yourself, he really makes you feel as if you are the only person in the room when he talks to you. Catch Pat at the Opening Session of VMworld 2013.

8. Edward Haletky – This guy will talk to you all day long! Ed is really an incredible person and always very willing to lend his time and talents to anything you need help with. I’ve been on many Skype sessions with Ed and he’s taken the time to answer my questions or let me interview him for an editorial piece I’m writing. He’s one of the best virtualization security guys in the industry. You can follow Edward on Twitter @texiwill

9. Chris Colotti – Chris is hands down one of the best presenters in the biz! He’s the foremost expert on the vCloud Hybrid Service which you are sure to hear tons about at this years show. Chris is currently a Sr. Technical Marketing Manager at VMware, he’s VCDX #37 and author of many whitepapers. Follow Chris on Twitter @ccolotti.

10. Jase McCarty – Jase, Jase, Jase, what can I say about this guy? He’s just an all around great guy and super smart with VMware and EMC (and understatement). Jase is currently a Sr. vSpecialist for EMC focusing on virtualization and storage in the US Federal and public sector space. He’s a 5x VMware vExpert 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013, EMC Elect 2013, writes the Jase’s Place blog and you can follow him on Twitter @jasemccarty.

11. Duncan Epping – Duncan runs Yellow-Bricks, voted the #1 virtualization blog since 2008. Duncan is a Principal Architect at VMware in the R&D, Integration Engineering department. He’s a VMware vExpert, VCDX, and author of the HA/DRS books. Outside of all that, he’s a nice guy who loves to be stopped by his blog readers, or book readers to discuss any topic that is on their mind. Really have enjoyed getting to know Duncan over the past 4 years, he will teach you a lot if you want to learn. Follow Duncan on Twitter @duncanyb.

12. Jason Boche – Jason is an incredible blogger and is always voted into the top 10 virtualization blogs every year. His blog, Virtualization Evangelist, if chock full of how-tos, industry news and certification prep info. I first met Jason in 2010 when I won his VMworld giveaway contest, he’s a great guy and very down to earth. A 5x VMware vExpert, VCDX and a slew of other certs, Jason is a VMware SME. Follow him on Twitter @jasonboche

13. Scott Lowe – Scott is an incredible author and writes, hands down, the most helpful VMware book on planet Earth, Mastering VMware vSphere 5. Scott runs his own blog and works for VMware on the Network virtualization team. His wife Crystal runs the Spousetivities program and has been very successful with that as well. Scott has always replied to blog comments I’ve left and has will take the time to sing your book or answer your questions. Great guy, follow him on Twitter @scott_lowe.

14. Chris Wahl – Chris is a VMware vExpert and writes the Wahl Network blog. He is great to talk to and will whiteboard with you at the drop of a hat. Check out his blog for some great videos and good virtualization content. Follow Chris on Twitter @chriswahl.

15. Patrick MonahanPatrick is the lead singer of the Grammy award-winning band Train. Train will be performing at the VMworld party to be held at AT&T Park on Wednesday. Follow Train on Twitter @Train

16. Alan Renouf – His reputation precedes itself, PowerCLI man, vExpert, vCheck, enough said! Follow Alan on Twitter @alanrenouf.

17. David Davis – David is a blogger, Train Signal instructor, VMware vExpert, part of the vChat podcast team and all around nice guy. David is another guy who will do all he can to help out a fellow community blogger or reader. Check out David’s blog and follow him on Twitter @davidmdavis.

18. Gabrie van Zanten – Author of Gabe’s Virtual World blog, Gabe is a VMworld staple, you are sure to run into him at some point in time next week. He’s an active part of the Tech Field Day roundtables and always adds to the virtualization conversation. Follow Gabe on Twitter @gabvirtualworld.

19. Cody Bunch – Cody runs the awesome vBrownBag podcasts, you can catch him in the bloggers lounge helping with the vBrownBag tech talks. He’s written books, and runs the Professional VMware blog. Follow Cody @cody_bunch on Twitter.

20. Ron Burgundy – The legend himself, how much more awesome would VMworld be if Ron were in attendance, He’s kind of a big deal.

21. Damian Karlson – Damian is a fun guy and super smart. He’s always helpful and has been a vBrownBag staple of a couple of years now. He’s a multiple year vExpert and EMC Elect 2013. He runs the vmDK blog and can be followed on Twitter @sixfootdad.

22. Eric Siebert – Every year we get to vote on who we think has the best virtualization blog, all thanks to Eric Siebert and his vSphere-Land blog. Eric is a vExpert and author of Maximum vSphere as well as numerous whitepapers and other publications. Follow Eric on Twitter @ericsiebert.

23. Christopher Kusek – I can guarantee you will not meet a more interesting person at VMworld this year than Christopher. As you notice from his picture you will find him wearing his cat ears, yes, cat ears… I still don’t understand why, maybe he can fill me in this year. He’s extremely intelligent when it comes to enterprise storage and virtualization and a ton of other things. Find Chritopher (don’t call him Chris, I made that mistake) and chat him up, it will be worth your time. Follow Christopher on Twitter @cxi.

24. Chad Sakac – Chad is the SVP of Global Systems Engineering at EMC. He’s also an avid v0dgeball player and fully entertaining presenter. Do not miss the chance to attend the “Ask the Expert Bloggers” session this year, it’s the most interesting and entertaining as you get a chance to ask questions throughout. Follow Chad on Twitter @sakacc.

25. Mike Letschin – Mike, first off, sorry about your picture getting sliced on the side, I spent a ton of time trying to get it right, I mean no offense! Mike is the co-leader of the DC VMUG along with myself and Joshua Townsend. Mike has been running the vExpert Daily podcast each year for the past 3 years at VMworld. He currently works for Nexenta and runs a great blog. Follow @mletschin on Twitter.

26. Mike Laverick – Mr. RTFM! Mike is well-known for his past blog RTFM, and now works for VMware and writes a new blog. He’s a big time Elvis fan, SRM expert and has written several books. Follow Mike on Twitter @mike_laverick.

27. Rick Scherer – You know Rick from his popular VMwareTips blog. He’s also a vExpert and Software-Defined Aficionado, VCDX #21 and currently Principal SE at EMC. Rick does an excellent job as emcee of the Ask the vExpert Blogger session, it can be hard to reign in the panel at times, and he does a great job of keeping it going. Follow Rick on Twitter @rick_vmwaretips

28. Frank Denneman – Frank is an incredible blogger, author, speaker and HA/DRS expert. Along with Duncan Epping #11 on this list, Frank has written the popular HA/DRS guide and deep dive. Frank is always cool about stopping and talking to anyone who wants to chat or that has questions on HA/DRS. Frank currently writes the blog that bears his name and is a PernixData employee. Follow Frank on Twitter @frankdenneman.

29. Rick Vanover – Last but absolutely not least, Rick Vanover, Rickatron, this guy is Veeam speed 24/7. He owns the Veeam Community podcast and also writes his own blog. Visit Rick at the Veeam booth, look for the green shirts, chat him up, he’ll give you a demo and some words of advice! Follow Rick on Twitter @rickvanover.

Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of vDestination.com. He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

13 thoughts on “Who’s Who at VMworld 2013

  1. Nice contest idea – but you don’t know any women #vExperts? I do! Including them would be a great way to serve the entire community! Come holler at me in the Dell booth, or let me know if you’d like to come to brunch with some of the ladies of the community (we’re not official vExperts, but we can still hang). 🙂

    1. Hey Gina, there are many great and highly intelligent women in tech these days, especially in our vCommunity! I’m sorry if I offended you by not adding you to the list, this wasn’t only for vExperts. I’ll swing by the Dell booth and we can catch up.

      See you soon,

  2. Would have been nice to see some of the really bright and interesting females I’ve met at VMWorld over the last 5 years have some kind of presence vs. Ron Burgandy and the lead singer from Train. vExperts like Erin Banks and community builders like Amy Lewis. Nothing against those in the industry you did pick, I follow almost all of them and would agree they certainly met your criteria. But I think you skipped over some well-deserving females for a fictional character and a rock star.

    1. @jtyrus… I couldn’t agree with you more, there are some really bright and interesting females I’ve met at VMworld myself. I have really enjoyed getting to know Jane Rimmer, she’s awesome. I’m sorry we haven’t met yet, will you be at VMworld this year? Ron Burgundy was simply for a laugh, don’t take this list so seriously. These are primarily the people I’ve come to know and enjoy following. The Train lead singer was on the list because he’ll be at the VMworld party, although not a virtualization guru, he’s still highly talented.

      Sorry if I offended you by not having any women on the list, Stacy Carter is awesome and she’s a vDestination contributor as well as Jane Rimmer. Hopefully we can meet up at this years show.

      Thanks for reading,

  3. Cool thanks for this – nice to know I met most of these guys or knew them before the show! Thanks for this! Love to see more women next year too! @Jamieshoup76

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