With the anticipation of VMworld 2010 (US) building every day as we near August 30, I thought it would only be appropriate to generate a little more anticipation with’s first ever contest giveaway. Are you going to VMworld? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, either way, don’t miss out on this contest, it is an amazing prize package. Thanks to my gracious donors, Scott Lowe, David Davis, and Eric Siebert for making this possible. Anyone else interested in donating a book or software to get this person off to a nice start with VMware, please contact me.

The lucky winner will receive the following prizes:

    * A signed copy of Mastering VMware vSphere 4 from Scott Lowe
    * A signed copy of VMware vSphere 4 Administration Instant Reference from Scott Lowe
    * A signed copy of Maximum vSphere from Eric Siebert
    * A copy of VMware vSphere Pro Series Training vol. 2: Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Veeam Management Suite, VMware Data Recovery,
    Power CLI and vSphere Advanced Features
    from David Davis
    * A t-shirt (XL only), bumper sticker and mouse pad
    * Just added to the list of prizes, a generous donation from Mike Laverick*
    **A signed copy of Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.0
    **A signed copy of VMware vSphere 4 Implementation
    *Just added to the list of prizes, an awesome donation from Chris Kusek
    **A copy of Windows 7 Ultimate

Contest Rules:
Beginning today August 8th, 2010 (coincidentally, my birthday!), registration is open. Here’s how:

    1. You must log on to twitter and follow me. Easy enough.
    2. You must post only one (1) comment/reply to this blog post below. The comment must include the following:
    a. Your first and last name
    b. A valid email address
    c. A short bio about yourself and how you use VMware
    d How you plan on putting these prizes to use
    e. What you are looking forward to learning from these prizes

The contest is restricted to residents of Planet Earth. Only one (1) entry is permitted, your contest entry must be received by 5pm EST Thursday August 26th, 2010. On Friday August 27th at 7pm EST one (1) random winner will be chosen and revealed shortly after 7pm EST. That winner will receive all the prizes listed above and they will be shipped shortly after my return from VMworld 2010, or if you plan on going to VMworld, we can meet up and I’ll give you the books in person and we can do a short video presentation. No purchase necessary. I would love to post a pic of the winner with their t-shirt on and proudly displaying their bumper sticker in a cool local place. Looking foward to announcing the winner.


Greg W Stuart
Greg is the owner and editor of He's been a VMware vExpert every year since 2011. Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He works as a Sr. Consultant at VMware and resides in Northern Virginia, 15 minutes west of Washington DC.

15 thoughts on “Win the Ultimate vSphere Reference Library and more

  1. a. Samir Kadoo
    b. samir.kadoo @ gmail dot com (using this format in hopes to avoid spam)
    c. I work at a fairly large company which utilizes VMware as part of their virtual infrastructure. I work with 2 other coworkers who support our overall VMware environment on a day to day basis. We are using VMware for our virtual pc and virtual server environment.
    As far as a bio of myself, I am a twenty something male who obviously works in the IT field. I love keeping up with the latest technology, buying/playing with new gadgets, working on cars, watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with my family.
    I am greatly interested in taking the VPC exam and I think these resources would be very useful during the studying process.
    I am sure the prizes will also help with my day to day work and help teach me things I may not even know. I think these items would help with gaining more insight on the in depth offerings that can be obtained by utilizing a VMware based infrastructure.

  2. A. Jonathan Franconi
    B. jfranconi @ gmail dot com
    C. I am a Network Administrator/VMware Admin for a SMB in NE PA and I am an active blogger reporting on all kinds of VMware news, articles and education articles.
    D. I would love to have these prices to share with my co-workers to help educate and teach them more about virtualization.
    E. I am hoping to gain some knowledge from these materials to share with others in my department to help them gain a better understanding about the technology.



  3. Hey Greg,

    Thanks for putting this together and thanks to Scott, Eric and David for donating to the contest.


  4. My Name is Sudharsan S.
    E-Mail address is mailtosudharsan @ Gmail [dot] com

    I am a VCP Certfied Virtualization Administrator and MCTS on Hyper-V managing 1000+ VMs runing on VMware vSphere 4.0 and ESX 3.5 . This is spread across multiple clusters and also includes VMs hosted on DAS Storage.

    As far as the Prizes are concerned , looking forward to have the books so that it can help in improving the way administrative tasks are performed on the Hosts and VMs and also would help me understand better SRM from VMware and Backup solutions from Veeam which can be used when planning for DR and improving our backup speed using Veeam products. Also looking forward for some tricks and Tips on Power CLI that should help in easy managment of the new vSphere 4.1 Servers running on ESXi . These books would help me understand the various advanced features available in VMware in detail.

  5. a: Dan Hansen

    b:danevald (at) gmail dot com

    c: I work for an SMB in Denmark, Europe, primarily with MS Exchange, VmWare and NetApp SAN. We have 11 locations around Europe (manufacturing plants mostly) where we utilize VMWare so we don’t have to travel to do maintenance on the servers and it makes us able to scale applications and servers to their needs.

    d:Up until now it’s been pretty much learning by doing and what I would hope the books would contribute to, is to optimize our daily tasks(we are 2 admins who would share these books) and we are currently starting to migrate our main datacenter to virtual infrastructure (last step to total virtual infrastructure) and to ensure our users get the best experience it would be nice to have the best practices and advise from these great guys above!
    And of course the bumper sticker would go on the family stationwagon, t-shirt will be used as often as the washing machine allows me to and mouse pad will be serving my mouse with pride!

    e:hopefully these books would contribute so much knowledge that passing a vSphere exam should be piece of cake afterwards 🙂 .

  6. I’d love to enter this contest, but I’m from planet VM634-1. Bother.

  7. a. Matt Brauchler
    b. my name no spaces @
    c. I am a Senior Systems Administrator. Fairly new to VMware. We moved out production datacenter to a co-location with less that 10mins of downtime and we decided to go virtual(well, 90% or so). I am an obsessive learner and like to soak up as much knowledge as I can. I want to get my VCP and keep moving up.
    d. Learn as much as I can t accomplish my knowledge goals along virtualization
    e. As much as I can. I want to learn how we could be using VMware better.

  8. a. Phillip Jones
    b. phjones79 {at} gmail {.} com
    c. A systems engineer with over 10 years experience working in IT. Been using Vmware for most of that. Managed large deployments across multiple sites. I use Vmware to various service levels including Tier 1 apps.
    d I would use these to help plan out SRM deployments, potentially bring in other pieces of software and improve the existing environment with what i could learn
    e. In particular i would be focused on advancing my knowledge for improving performance, implementing SRM, and improving my knowledge base and being able to share that with the community

  9. a. Heino Skov
    b. heino dot skov @ gmail dot com
    c. I work as a senior architect with analysis, design and implementation of VMware environments for customers in Denmark.
    d. I’m in the progress of studying for VCDX and I hope that the prices can help me in that progress by extending my in depth knowledge futhermore.
    e. I want to be the best in my field in DK and the more studying from great knowledgeable writers can benefit me in my career. Especially SRM, PowerCLI are areas that I can advance in. So these books can help a great deal. Furthermore I would put the prices available for my collegues, so it will benefit more virtualization guys like my self.

    Thanks for a great contest 🙂


  10. I am a Server Administrator for a Hospital in SW Colorado.
    We are just in the process of merging with another parent hospital group and they are big into virtulization. They virtulize approx. 50% of their servers!
    I have just started to train myself and famaliarize myself with VMWare vSphere using blogs and other web resources.
    I really want to learn so as to provide the best for the hospital and the resources in the prize package (thanks to the donors!) would greatly assist me in my learning quest.
    I am in the process of setting up a training environment and could use these items to greatly progress in my knowledge and be able to work well with the new merger. My support goes to the patients that are here at the hospital and the more knowledge, the better!
    Thank you for offering such a prize and I look forward to learning more!


    Mark Latham
    Mercy Regional Medical Center

  11. c) I am a systems engineer for a local council. Where I have worked past 8 years.
    I’m a generalist with a specific function to look after the vmware infrastructure.
    We currently have 2 sites with 300 Vms across ESXi 4 hosts using EMC storage.

    d) In the main I’ll be looking to use the videos on SRM to help set up SRM between our 2 sites and also see how powercli can help in day to day admin tasks. The books I’ll be sharing with my collegues who are looking to find out more about vmware and one who is looking to take the vcp4 exam. Windows 7 will have to go to a friend who is unlucky enough to still be stuck with vista. Bumper sticker will have to decorate the laptop as I don’t drive, t shirts I can do.

    e) Looking to find all the tips and tricks you find in books that I may not have picked up on. That will help improve the configuration we have now and improve fault monitoring and repair. Hoping all the knowledge will help in passing the vcp4 exam. Specificlly hoping the info will make setting SRM up a breeze.

  12. a. Roland Zenhorst
    b. zenworks_nl @ yahoo com
    c. I work as a technical specialist for a consulting company. As such, i do vmware implementations, migrations and troubleshooting. I also do a lot of Microsoft work with exchange, SQL, windows server, AD etc. for numerous customers on top of vSphere. I also run a home lab with esx and workstation to test stuff and trying out new things (like srm in a box, it’s really great).
    d Although i am already a VCP, i always get questions and experience issues that i don’t know the answer to. With the amount of knowledge contained in these prizes, i can definitely improve my work and skills. And not to mention be a better help to coworkers and customers alike.
    e. How to become a better vmware specialist and consultant. Especially PowerCLI and automation are things i would love to learn more about.

    And of course the t-shirt wil keep me warm, the bumper sticker will go on the laptop, and the mousepad will ease the stress on my mouse when i am at customers. And Windows 7 will become a reward for the best performing student in the Windows Server 2008 classes i teach at work.

  13. a: Jason Benway
    b: benwaynet @ gmailDOTcom
    c: I am a IT architect and a medium size family owned company. We have about 80% of our servers virtualized and run a few seats of vmware view
    d:I’m just moving to VSphere 4 and would love some training and reference books
    e:Looking forward to fully utilizing the features of Vsphere 4 to get better performance out of what we currently have.

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