Hopefully by now everyone has heard of Kaviza either through visiting their booth at VMworld, hearing about their Best of VMworld win, or by reading the post I wrote up including an interview with their COO. They are recently on fire, winning awards left and right. Along with their Best of VMworld win, they also picked up Best of Synergy (Citrix’s annual conference). If for some reason you haven’t read about them or heard about them, read my post, also read Chris Dearden’s post from his blog which is an excellent run down of the installation process and getting the VDI-in-a-box up and running (great post Chris). You can also visit their site, for a free trial download of the third installment in their VDI-in-a-box solution.

Here’s a video from VMworld on why Kaviza won Best of VMworld VDI category:

Kaviza, being one of my twitter followers, got wind of my weekly blog contest and offered up a sweet prize. This is actually not going to be a weekly contest, I’m stretching this one for a whole 2 weeks due to the sheer awesomeness of the prize, it deserves a whole two weeks, rounding out the month of September and into October. Kaviza has generously donated a 5-user Kaviza desktop license – so the winner gets 5 virtual desktops with 1-year support completely free. Wow! That could build you a really nice start-up home lab. I have to thank Kaviza for this generous gift, they are really giving back to the community in a big way by donating this prize to my blog contest.

Here are the contest rules:

    1. Twitter: you must log in to twitter and follow me and Kaviza (this will be verified)
    2. You must fill in the form at the bottom of this post w/ your name, valid email address (so we can email the winner, comes only to my inbox does not go on the blog), and your contest entry.
    3. Your contest entry must state what your favorite feature of Kaviza’s VDI-in-a-box is, and how you plan on putting it to use. Also please include your twitter handle at the end of your entry.

The contest starts today and you have until Tuesday October 5th at 5pm EST, to submit your contest entry. Please don’t post your entry as a comment reply to this post, I don’t want your email address to end up on my blog, use the form below. When the contest ends, I will select what I think are the 5 most interesting and compelling use cases for this product, and then forward them on to Krishna Subramanian, COO of Kaviza to select who they think should be the winner. The winner will be announced (and notified via twitter/email) on Thursday morning October 7th. I’m glad to be able to create these contests for you, please enter to win, this is prize worth the effort!


DISCLOSURE : I have received no compensation from Kaviza or any of it’s affiliates for the promotion of their product through this blog post or previous posts.

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